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Updated on: November 18, 2014Updated on: November 19, 2014

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Smurfs village Double Berry bitsBeeline has launched this week an offer   (starting from September 18th until the end of this month)  in order to allow smurfs village players to earn Double Berry bits while watching  videos on Video hut! The news was published on Beeline’s official Facebook page and the offer will end up on the 30th of September 2014 as stated in the image.

In order to benefit from this offer, make sure to have a good Internet connection either through WIFI or 3G / 4G connections. Read More→

As a part of the Smurfs village app promotion, Beeline has started a challenge where the Smurfs village players can win a pack of 250 smurfberries.  This challenge which entitled  Astro-nomical Smurfs’ Village challenge!, will run for few days until the

25 of  July 2013  at 6:00PM PDT. Read More→

We have just been notified that the Beeline website and support portal are down. This means players will be unable to submit trouble tickets or ask any questions via the support portal until further notice.
At this time, we do not know how long the outage will last, but we will be sure to report to you when Beeline lets us know the system is back online.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding while Beeline works to repair the system and bring it back online. Read More→

Smurfs village Android players are always complaining why apple iOS players are being treated better than them, but this is not true as Android users are getting special treatment these days from Beeline. In addition to the Android   Exclusive cute robot cupid offer, which is a promotion they are during the month of February until Valentines Day. Players on Android will also be getting   free Smurfberries occasionally on and off until Valentines Day so make sure to play your game these days.  Just to let you know that the price of the Android     robot cupid offer varies from one player to another, this is based on their previous purchase. In order to benefit from these orders you need to make sure that you are connected to the INTERNET before you launch your application. Read More→

Smurfs’ Village décor items inventory is constantly expanding. In the recent update 1.3.2 of the game players are given a handful of new Tiki resort themed items to use. These decorations are all reasonably priced and mesh well with any tropical island décor. Players can create small or large Tiki areas on their island for their smurfs to take a break and relax in. Adding seating in the forms of beach chairs, towels, stools, and benches will draw weary crowds in need of a little R&R. Read More→