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Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Some players may have experienced a major glitch associated with updating their Smurfs’ Village game. This devastating bug completely wipes out the entire village and displays a rather odd message. When re-starting the game, several users have reported a message informing them that Brainy has burned down Papa Smurf’s house or that Smurfette’s house was eaten by a squirrel. Along with the bad news players will notice that all of their decorations, farms, gardens, and the whole Smurfs’ Village that they’ve worked hard to build have disappeared. Smurfs are wandering around an empty field of grass and many players are unable to move or place any objects to rebuild their town. Read More→

In the smurfs village game Brainy Smurf now also functions as a teacher on the island. Once his blackboard has been placed (level 20 or more is required), it gives 50 XP every couple of hours.
Tapping on the blackboard makes Brainy come to it and give a lecture to the other smurfs. There are a couple of school accessories available on the island and some of them will increase the XP given by Brainy Smurf’s Blackboard. Read More→

The Smurfs village update version 1.2.4 is live now. As it was expected Brainy is the main character in this update, he has now a house in the main village which costs   30 smurfberries. The active part of his hut is making all crops worth more and he can remove all withered crops without paying every time smurfberries.
An other new feature was added in the island is to move the fixed palm trees, as well as you can buy them from the shop, which they cost 10 smurfberries.  Many other decoration items were added like Lifeguard chair which was mentioned earlier and it  costs 40000 gold coins.

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Smurfs village brainy Smurf updateBeeline team decided to release an early update this month for Smurfs village game. The aim of this update is mainly to fix previous bugs, which are mostly related to Tracker Smurf, which  disappears or requires Internet connection while interment connection is available. Few quests by Tracker smurf couldn’t be completed like making brown bench or adding a bush, which couldn’t be recognized. In addition to that it was also reported that many players got notification message which was popping up all the time about the MIAB (message in a bottle), it is not there.

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Usually Beeline ‘s schedule to release a new update of smurfs village game is 4 to 6 weeks, apart from releasing performance updates (minor update), which tends to fix bugs. The major updates in Smurfs village game are indicated by a change of the game icons. In most times the icons depict new characters, which are introduced to the village, or the main character, which will give new challenging quests. Moreover, before an update comes live, the game center icon of the game changes, to the new icon. This reveals that an update is coming soon.  This is what Apple iOS users are experiencing today, a new icon which depicts Brainy Smurf.  This is telling us that a new update will be live soon, but the unusual that a major update was released only a week ago.

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