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Size: 419MBSize: 152MB
Levels: 88Levels: 88
Updated on: April 6, 2015Updated on: Apri 8, 2015

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10945932_10152981849593211_598438550_nAttention all Smurfs’ Village players both on Android and iOS operating systems. There is a bug in the Valentine’s Day 2015 Update (Android Version 1.5.3a and iOS Version 1.12.0) that affects the Homnibus Smurfy Wonder Storage Sack.


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Camper Smurf icon1Beeline has quickly reacted and released a new fix update of the Smurfs village game on Google Play after Android players came across a bug. The main reason for releasing this updated version is to fixe the  Garden Shop bug where Papa Smurf asks for crops that can only be unlocked by buying the garden shop. Many players were struggling to complete this quest earlier, however it seems that this issue is fixed now.  If you are android users and you were able to complete this quest let us konw. Read More→

palm_palmyra_fruitIt appears that many Smurfs village  players  who have updated to the latest Explorer Smurf (version 1.6.0  and 1.4.7a) updates have encountered a bug with palm trees in the island, Where curved Palm trees become invisible unlike the straight ones, which are still visible and able to grow.
The bug happens when using Wild Smurf’s Plant All Feature with the new crop (Palmyra Fruit) after Chitter has been placed all of the Palm Trees will turn invisible. This bug does not affect Palm Trees that are stored at the moment Plant All is used. Read More→

fireman SmurfAfter a long wait for Apple to review the submitted version, finally Beeline got the approval to for Smurfs village game easter update. The new version 1.3.6 which features Fireman smurf has been finally  released for Apple iOS users, and hopefully Android players will get it shortly. According to Beeline, Smurfs’ Village 1.3.6 puts Extra Spring in your Step!
– Get a smurfy supercharge from the new XP Accelerator for a 5% boost on ALL XP items – or upgrade for an even bigger boost!
– Build Fireman Smurfs’ Hut to collect all of your coin and XP rewards at once!
– New game improvements let you get to the island even faster!
– Now there’s new open space to explore in the mountains
– Keep your caterpillars and snails tucked away safely in the new Storage Hut
– Spring is smurfing out all over the village with new themed items and decorations!

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