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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for bugs

smurfs-village-1.4.7_Smurf-ClownVersion for Android is now available for download.
Beeline has informed us that it is a generic bug fix release. We encourage players to download the update as soon as possible.
This update does NOT address issues with Tracker, though we have been informed they are aware of and plan to fix his quests in a future update.
As always, we welcome your comments and concerns and encourage that you also report bugs to Beeline directly as it helps them see the full picture of the number of users affected when something goes wrong. You can open tickets with them via their support portal at . Read More→

smurfs_bugsA new performance update was just released by Beeline for Apple iOS users. According to Beeline’s official description  this new update  was addressed for Bug fixes and performance improvements. In addition we want to share you a statement that was released by Beeline: “We believe we have isolated the issue to a bad server call. This server call makes a change to the game that results in a critical error and crash. We have shut off this call so no other games should be impacted with this issue. Read More→

As Beeline promised it’s fans a to release a new update in order to fix the current bugs in the smurfs village game, today a new version has been released. According to Beeliene in this update  many bugs fixes and performance improvement were conducted, and this includes:
– No prompt to connect to Twitter when starting the game.
– Reporter Smurf connects more reliably when giving bonuses and has the ability to retry to get rewards.
– Fix to a misreported number of Smurfs after building a habitat in the Sanctuary.
– Island crop times will be correct between sessions

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The Smurfs village update version 1.2.4 is live now. As it was expected Brainy is the main character in this update, he has now a house in the main village which costs   30 smurfberries. The active part of his hut is making all crops worth more and he can remove all withered crops without paying every time smurfberries.
An other new feature was added in the island is to move the fixed palm trees, as well as you can buy them from the shop, which they cost 10 smurfberries.  Many other decoration items were added like Lifeguard chair which was mentioned earlier and it  costs 40000 gold coins.

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We just got some info from Bethany Smith (Beeline) and we would like to share it with you.

“The MIAB glitches and bugs in the iOS version have been isolated and fixed in the next update. So too have the problems with obtaining the first piece of the Totem Pole. Smurfs disappearing on rafts & the dam issues are still being worked on but might have some fixes included too in the next iOS update. Beeline has released statements on all of these over on their official forums. As far as the Easter update, an Easter version update is unlikely this year. The next update will probably arrive after the holiday. Beeline is looking into the option of making some Easter limited time offers available over the weekend though if it’s feasible. “

“The Android version issues are a mix of current iOS problems as well as new Android specific ones. Beeline is potentially looking at a quick fix only update for the Android version to address the major problems of not being able to launch the app and having the app crash when traveling to the island. In short, they are working on it. “

Credit to Brainy