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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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King Smurf  King Smurf was added to the mountain area with the Christmas 2013 Update (King Smurf Update, version 1.4.8 on iOS and 1.3.5a on Android). King Smurf, who is actually a “regular” worker Smurf who has been appointed King by Grampa Smurf, is free, that is it does not cost Smurfberries but only Coins to obtain him. He is available on the mountain after the 5th mountain stairs expansion has been completed.
The quest to get King Smurf is started by Grampa Smurf and starts with building the aforementioned stairs expansion. Afterwards King Smurf will join the mountain area and a quest line to build his castle starts (for more information on the castle please see the article “King Smurf’s Castle”). Read More→

The Smurfs village Christmas update will be released sometimes this week, Beeline team has  kindly shared  the following screenshots with us.

christmas update 5 Read More→

It is celebration time for Smurfs village Android players as  Beeline have just released a the second Christmas update  this year for the Android users just few days before Christmas. The update is available on Google play and you can download it right away. Similar update was released for Apple iOS users last week which covers the same content and features. This update  contians some new year celebration items as was described by Beeline  ” Start a Smurfy New Year with Smurfs’ Village 1.1.9a” . The main featured that the players will enjoy most is the fireworks as well as other seasonal decoration items.  But what’s new according to Beeline’s official description: Read More→

Smurf’s Village has been turned into a winter wonderland with its latest Christmas themed update. Players can go to Handy’s or Architect’s shop to add Christmas customizations to their huts. Instead of using the blueprint process users are able to directly purchase the designs for 2 Smurfberries each. Add red, green, blue, and gold strung lights onto mushroom huts for a beautiful festive display. Players also have other customization options to enhance their huts. Attach a Christmas chimney, window with lights, and special decorated door.  Users can play around with different combinations to create unique looking homes that stand out or coordinate with one another. Island huts can be customized with the same options as well. Read More→

After a long wait time has come to Android players to enjoy smurfs village with winter theme.  Likewise the iOS update, Android users will get the access to similar items and features . According to Beeline description:
Get in the Smurfy Holiday Spirit with Smurfs’ Village Version 1.1.8a!
– Meet Sweepy Smurf and build his hut to get your village in ship shape for the holidays
– Place the Christmas Calendar and check it every day for special surprises!
– Take on challenging new quests
– Spread holiday cheer with lots of seasonal decorations and special items including: glowing lights, customizable Christmas trees, snow globes, candy canes, and many more!
– You’ll be on Santa’s Smurfy list all season long!

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