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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Coins

The Smurfs’ village game is based on generating money (coins)  or premium currency (Smurfberries),  and buying items in order to build and decorate  your village, previously we highlighted previously different ways to get Free Smurfberries, however, today we want to highlight a tip on how to use your  sand box to make large amounts of coins since few players asked how… our admin Hippy Smurf has writtern this tip for you below:  Read More→

smurf_explorerExplorer Smurf was added in the latest update, iOS version 1.4.9 and Android version 1.3.5.a. He is available for 30 Smurfberries and can be purchased together with his hut on the Swoof Planet. His hut will build instantly.
Explorer Smurf ties into the newly added space rivers (for more information please read the “Space Rivers” article) and placing his hut will unlock some special companion items for the space rivers such as tunnels or some boats.
The most important feature is, however, that he will reduce the cost for the basic river tiles from a Smurfberry to a coin price. Read More→

magic_space_shrubAfter many players wanted the Swoofs to be able to do more in space they have now gotten the ability to take care of magic shrubs.
The Magic Shrubs were added to the game with the Gutsy Smurf Update and despite their very different look (they come from a different planet after all) they work just like the magic shrubs on the mountain and in the mainland village.
The crops on the magic shrubs will never wilt, it does not matter how long the crops have been ready.
For each Swoof that lives on the space planet one magic shrub can be added to it. As the maximum number of Swoofs is currently 125 there is also a total of 125 Shrubs that can be purchased on the planet. Read More→

smurf rides1There have been several new park inspired décor items added to Smurfs’ Village over the past few updates. These ride and playground themed decorations give players ample opportunity to build a Smurftastic park for smurfs and smurflings alike to enjoy. Some players have tiny parks while others have constructed magnificent playground wonderlands. The size and layout design is totally up to you. Whether small or grand the local smurfs will love having a new place to frolic and unwind in. Read More→

trampoline-in-smurf-villageRecently beeline is introducing outdoor playground items for players to make their smurfy entertainment zone. Using these items to decorate the village but also they generate a good money and XP if they are arranged close to the sandbox. One of the most attractive entertainment items that the smurfs enjoy it is the Trampoline.
The trampoline was not  made available for sale  in the Smurfs village shop yet  but instead was made for sale for few hours as an promotional  offer. The cost of  the trampoline is 30 smurfberries, although it sounds expensive  but the attractive part of is Smurfs love to jump on this trampoline and they have a real fun as depicted in the image below: Read More→