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As a part of the Smurfs village app promotion, Beeline has started a challenge where the Smurfs village players can win a pack of 250 smurfberries.  This challenge which entitled  Astro-nomical Smurfs’ Village challenge!, will run for few days until the

25 of  July 2013  at 6:00PM PDT. Read More→

Beeline is hosting another decorating competition that players can participate in to win a whopping 1,000 Smurfberries. Over the next three days to celebrate Halloween, users can enter their village into the Scariest Village Possible Contest. Simply decorate your village or island to look so terrifying that even Gargamel would be frightened. The top five entries will receive the prize. To enter users must submit an unaltered screenshot of their spooky island or village through Beeline’s forum. It’s a fun way to show your Halloween spirit and maybe earn some well deserved berries in the process. Read More→

The Smurfs village summer contest which was running over the last two weeks of august  have shown  a lot of interest from the players  where many entries were submitted.   Beeline has chosen 5 winners based on public votes and as well as some other criteria set by the judges panel.      The award are : 1,000 free Smurfberries. Today the winners were reveled by Beeline via  The smurfs village app official  facebook page. According to Beeline the winners are Giulia, Brandon Eduardo, yuko, Debbie, and Rosalinda. So congratulation to the winners who will get an award of  1000 free smurfberries. Read More→

Sporty Smurf along with a customizable soccer field has been added to level 22 or higher players’ islands in the recent 1.2.1. Update of the game. To commemorate the edition of this new smurf, Beeline has a new contest in the works. Players are encouraged to customize their soccer field and decorate around it to represent their favorite soccer team. Give your entire island soccer fever and possibly snag some major Smurfberries in the process.

You don’t have to be a die-hard soccer fan to compete in this decorating contest. Just in time for the Olympics, players can create a tribute to their country’s Olympic soccer team that is gold worthy or any particular team that they happen to admire. Support a local school by implementing their colors and name into your village. It’s completely up to you. Regardless of the team chosen Beeline judges are specifically looking for islands with unique colorful designs that stand out. They also suggest using Architect Smurfs’ color functionality to make mushroom huts coordinate with the selected soccer inspired theme.

Add tropical flowers, mushrooms, bamboo fences, umbrellas, and even smurfy sand sculptures to draw attention to your soccer paradise. Create an additional seating area using various benches, beach chairs, and picnic tables to give smurfs a front row seat to all of the action. It’s also possible to incorporate certain crops and arrange them to represent your team’s flag colors. Blueberries, strawberries, peas, and pineapples can really catch visitors’ eyes. Small inexpensive shop items such as flags, surfboards, seashells, and lifesavers can be used as well.

Tapping on the field customization tab for Sporty Smurf’s soccer field is also a great way to spruce up your soccer presence on the island. Bigger bleachers, stadium lights, scoreboards, fences, benches, nets, bushes, and field lines helps to distinguish a default field to a well-decorated one. Purchasing items from the customization options also provide users with bonus XP when playing the Soccer Mix-Up game. Creativity and a cohesive theme are the only requirements for making a winning island.

Beeline’s Soccer Team Contest is still accepting entries up to July 15th at 3:28 PM (BST). Identical to previously held contest users have to take an accurate screenshot of their island and post it on their forum. Participants can also browse to see other entries. On July 19th the winners will be announced. The top 10 entries will be rewarded 800 Smurfberries and another 10 will receive 350 SBs. If you love decorating then this competition might be worth checking out.

Few days ago Beeline has announced a Smurfs’ Village photo contest revolving around the game’s island feature. Only players that have reached level 19 and unlocked their Smurf Island can participate. Similar to the Valentine’s Day contest held last month, each participant takes a screenshot of their island and submits it as a comment post on the forum. All photos must be original and free from editing of any kind. Each user is permitted to send in one screenshot. Beeline will choose the top ten best looking island villages as winners. Each winner will receive a whopping 800 Smurfberries as their reward. The Smurfs’ Village Island Photo Contest is a smurftastic opportunity to snag a bounty of SBs while flexing your décor skills. The judges are looking for beautiful eye-catching islands that stand out from the rest.

If you haven’t started decorating your island visiting Beeline’s forum and viewing what other contestants have done to their tropical retreat is a wonderful way to score some awesome ideas. There are millions of different methods to set up your isle. Several contestants have divided their beach area from the grasslands using colorful bamboo fences while others focused on using them to separate and categorize their crop fields.

Another great approach that I noticed from some of the Island Photo Contest participants for freeing up space is to strategically place mushroom houses side by side and directly in front of each other. This method leaves more space to add cool items like puppet theaters, hopscotch lines, beach chairs, beach balls, and wild rose vines. Creating small entertainment zones is also a common layout used. Picnic tables are arranged for Smurfs to take breaks and game booths with chairs are often set up as well. There’s no wrong or correct technique to decorate. It’s all about creativity and fun.

The contest doesn’t end until March 31, 2012. There have been so many entries that Beeline has had to set up a second page. If you think your little island should be considered among the best, than you might want to enter before it’s too late.  It’s still time left to create the ultimate tropical haven.