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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Critters

More animals to be added to the village again!  This time Beeline pushed a different kind of birds to the village, guess what? It is a yellow  baby owl. This lovely bird looks very cute as Beeline described it.  The   baby owl is a promotional item which means that is on sale only for limited time and there is no guarantee to see it on the shop  again.   This adorable yellow Owlet is  very cute if you want to add it to your animals and critters Zoo collection, but on the other hand it costs 70 smurfberries.

But is worth to know that it gives 240XP every 3 hours and is available on both main smurfs village land and the island. Few hours are remaining before the offer  ends so if you want to grab it, don’t wait.

Recent changes to Smurfs’ Village have brought on a flock of new pet editions to the build menu. Players now have an assortment of different XP generating critters to add to their main village or smurfy island paradise. Each creature whether they are big or small adds a special touch to users’ small towns. Some pets are ideal for setting up a picturesque garden or majestic forest backdrop. Other creatures are seasonal but with just as much aesthetic appeal and rewards as common animals or insects. Snails and caterpillars both are favorites among players. High level villages often have dozens of these creepy crawlers roaming their fields. Specialty golden varieties of these pets can be purchased for a sum of Smurfberries for those users who like their companions to reflect their lavish personal style. Beautiful colored butterflies perched on rocks provide extra gold, XP, and make a great addition to any flower bed design. Near lakes or trees players can also place a silly squirrel that lives in a log. This critter will dole out experience points twice a day and only costs 20000 coins. The clever crab is slightly ahead in its generosity giving players XP three times a day.

Investing in these pets is completely optional but for many players it’s an excellent way to earn bonus experience without doing any work. Pets like the patient frog and the squeaky mouse provide XP every few hours throughout the day. Buying multiple pets like these can assist players in leveling up quicker. The infamous holiday bunny which is still available generates XP up to six times a day. Combined with a handful of other creatures the point potential is endless. One of the most expensive pets in the village is the cute ladybug. This classy insect costs a whopping 100 Smurfberries and bestows players with experience points twice a day.

The island isn’t as heavily populated by varmint. There are only four pets allowed in the tropics. The gecko, cute sea turtle, clever crab, and jumping fish are the core inhabitants on the isles. In order to purchase these rare pets Smurfberries are necessary. None of these creatures include a coin based currency alternative like many of the critters available on the main village. The only familiar face is the clever crab. Geckos yield XP every few hours for 50 Smurfberries while cute sea turtle takes his time delivering experience points once a day. The latest and coolest edition to the island shoreline is the jumping fish. When this aquatic pet is placed into the water players receive an automatic 650 XP.
Afterwards several times throughout the day it will provide 220 XP. This large smiling gold fish continuously jumps in and out of a player’s icy ocean waters. For 60 Smurfberries it’s a great themed item for anyone customizing their island. Pets are a Smurfy way to spruce up your village and level up faster.

Few weeks ago the a red  bird who’s sitting in its nest and singing popped up in Japanese edition villages.  Today has arrived to English villages. The red Bird is a static bird similar to the duck doesn’t move around in the village. The Bird can be purchased in both the island and in the village, and it costs 45 smurfberries. This is  a promotional item for limited time only,   which will be available only for 72 hours (3 days) and then will disappear.  According to Beeline description, this cute musical bird will give you XP a few times a day.

Beeline  has already offered a Black Bat and Yellow Duck, Red Singing Bird, but it would be smurfy if  the  Smurfs will get a Blue Bird  :).

After the Prickly porcupine came to Japanese Smurfs village edition few weeks ago, has made it finally to the English edition villages. Today  Beeline has  made the Prickly porcupine for sale for the next 3 days (72 hours) for limited time only. Prickly porcupine is a  stationary animal and doesn’t move around in the village like snails and caterpillars. Similarly to most animals  and critters, the Prickly porcupine gives 450 XP twice a day.  It can be purchased either on the main smurfs village land or in the island. The cost of the Prickly porcupine is 40 Smurfberries.

The Prickly porcupine looks very cute and shy animal,  it would be a good idea if Beeline allows such animals to reproduce to make the 4o smurfberries  really worth it.

When we play the smurfs village game you always hear birds sing  in the background but we never saw them. Beeline released this week  a new cute  red bird, sitting in its nest for limited time only.  According to Beeline official description: Limited time offer (April 24th to 26th) : bird’s nest on sale for 45 smurfberries. This cute pink bird will give you 300XP every 8 hours,  and is available both on the village and the island. The bird is stationary and doesn’t move from its nest.

We are not sure if this red bird  will be available for English edition or not but we will let you know as soon as we know.

Credit:  Cassis