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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for decoration

Today many Smurfs village players received an offer of waving Santa as a decorative item in their smurfs villages. This promotional item   is   static (doesn’t move around in the village), but he moves his left hand up and down.    The Waving Santa has appeared for sale for the first time and it costs 20 smurfberries it gives you 200 xp when you first buy and place it in the village. It is available in the main Smurfs village, in the mountains and in the island. Although this ornament seems like a seasonal item, but it will remain after the snow melts in the village. The offer is still available now in many counties so in order to get it you need to be connected to the internet.  If you can’t see it, check under the start tab where all the promotional offers appear. If you don’t find it you most probably miss it. But hopefully will show up later. Read More→

Large Tiki Lamp in the smurfs village  A large Tiki lamp decoration was introduced today to the smurfs village. the tiki lamp was made available for sale for 48 hours and it costs 20 smurfberries. Once you add the large tiki lamp you will get 500 XP.  In the dark the The flame in the  Large Tiki lamp glows.
In order to get the large tiki lamp you need to get to the build menu and then click the start tab (offers tab). If you didn’t find it make sure to connect to WIFI with a good Internet connection and launch the App again. If not try to reboot your device and hopefully you will get it soon. Please note that the offer is available now for Apple iOs players, but it will be also available for Android users.

Read More→

A new artistic  promotional Smurfette’s stone Statue was made available for sale for limited time in the smrfs village.  According to Beeline description, “One of Smurfette’s admirers crafted this statue. Smurfette’s stone statue “.  It costs 20 smurfberries and is  made available in both the  island and  the main smurfs village.  As all promotional items,  this offer is only available for 24 hours and there is no guaranty to see it again.  Smurfette’s stone Statue gives you 150 XP  daily. Read More→

For a limited time only a new green and yellow snake is added to the smurfs village,  this  pet/animal item is available for sale for next 48 hours (2 days time),  which was made available only during the weekend. According to beeline description   “Start the weekend with a friendly new snake for your village. Get yours before it slips away.” This  means that this  item will disappear after the weekend and there is no grantee to see it again.  The snake is a static pet and it doesn’t move around in the village like the caterpillars, and it  costs  70 smurfberries.  Upon the purchase of the snake you will get 1000 xp, then you will get 480 XP on daily basis. Read More→

This week Beeline  pushed a new item for sale, but it is not an animal as usual this time. It is a barbeque  (BBQ) since it is summer, and it comes in conjunction with Smurfs celebration. This  seasonal item is only for sale for just the next 24 hours (limited time only), and there is no guarantee to that you will be able to see it on the shop again.  It costs 20 smurfberries and can be bought on the main smurfs village as well in the island. The barbeque will give you 50 coins few times a day.

Please note, if you haven’t got it yet,  it will show up at some point shortly as it is subjected to time  zones.Also make sure to connect to internet so you wont miss it.