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Size: 419MBSize: 183MB
Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Featured Villages

Every smurfs village game player’s dream  is to get his/ her village  featured  and get visited and seen by millions of other players. But in many occasion we think that their villages are better than featured villages, and why their villages are not featured. We contacted Beeline and asked them   what are the criteria they are using to select featured villages. They  simply said “that there isn’t really a criteria for featured villages. They  have been awarding them as part of design contests.  And yes her we go, today Beeline are calling for a contest about Haunted Castle!

The idea of the contest is to make Halloween-decorated village, in which an odd and ominous haunted castle will have magically appeared! And will keep Gargamel away. The top 5 entries will be Featured villages, and the winner will get 800 Smurfberries awards.  To find out  more details about the Haunted Castle Contest as well and where you need to submit your village screenshots click here .