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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Flowers

Flower pots are one of the most popular gifts for neighbors to give. They not only yield a hefty sum of XP when placed but they also make nice decorative touches to a player’s village. For many active Smurfs’ Village players, these flower pots can quickly accumulate resulting in sheer pottery mayhem. Luckily there are multiple ways that these potted centerpieces can be integrated into the overall design of your village. Mushroom hut accenting is one of the easiest routes to take when dealing with an overflow of pots to organize. Placing them next to homes, in-between rows of huts, around, or at both sides of an individual mushroom will create a nostalgic yet colorful neighborhood within minutes.

The new hut customization options allow players to coordinate each mushroom in a shade the compliments the vivid yellow flowers. Players can re-arrange their pots by tapping the hammer icon on the right lower side of the screen and entering the build menu area. Tap on the left move icon and then tap on item you wish to relocate.

Another nifty decorating tip is to add pots into your garden as accents. When placed under or next to a magical fruit bearing shrub they really stand out. Set one, two, or four potted gifts around each tree. For an even more unique design players can encircle their garden with pots or use them like fences to separate different areas in your town. Depending on the type of flowers that a player is growing in their boxed beds it can be a nice touch. Floral gifts placed near flower beds that may require watering by a helpful neighbor can assist in drawing visiting friends eyes to the area in need.

Players can also use the flower pots to spell out messages to friends. Some players practice this technique with purchased mushrooms or flowers but all those small items can quickly add up. Taking advantage of these free floral gifts is a great way to not only save coins but let friends know you’re thinking of them. Strategically place pots to form letters that read as a simple thank you, hello, or anything else that you’d might want to say. Players can be as creative as they want. It is your village. There’s dozens of different spots where your repeated gifts can make a home for themselves. Whether it’s next to a hut, complimenting Timber Smurf’s Mill, along the shoreline, or accenting a magnificent garden flower pots can be a welcomed addition to any village.

In one of Smurfette’s latest quests, players are asked to harvest 20 flower boxes. Much like previous flower box quests that some users may have encountered in the past, the wording can be very misleading. Simply harvesting 20 flower beds will not successfully complete the task. Although the instructions clearly state to harvest, only the mere act of planting is credited. Also users do not need multiple flower beds to plant Smurfette’s beautiful bouquet, one will suffice.

Despite the quest’s vague directions, there are several important requirements that must be met in order to complete this task. The first major step is to start with an empty flower bed. Roses already planted do not count. Players have to plant 20 flowers from scratch. If you don’t have any empty flower boxes then select a nearby bed and remove its contents. This can be done quickly by tapping on the desired box and choosing the remove icon located on the side of the menu. The tiny tab often resembles a red circle with a slash running through the center of it. A prompt will appear asking if you are sure you want to remove the item. Clicking yes automatically empties the bed.

The second step is where most players get stumped. Smurfette is extremely general in her wording which often leads users to believe they can plant any type of flower. Unfortunately that is not the case. There’s a glitch associated with this task that only credit users that plant red roses.

Players that attempted to save coins by planting inexpensive daisies were thoroughly disappointed. Varieties such as the daisy, chrysanthemums, tulips, and lilies are not tallied. To successfully tackle Smurfette’s quest and earn the XP reward players must plant red roses, then empty the flower bed, and repeat until all 20 roses are planted.

As part of the Valentine’s Day update there’s a series of special quests players will receive from Papa Smurf. One of the trickiest of these missions is the Flower Box task. Players are asked to plant 20 boxes of flowers, harvesting 20 flower boxes of Daisies, Chrysanthemums, or Roses. Although the wording of this quest can be confusing it’s possible to accomplish this mission within minutes. The flowers do not have to be fully harvested to count toward the total. It’s only requesting users to plant 20 flower boxes.

An easy way to successfully complete this quest is to plant, delete, and then re-plant each flower box until the quantity of 20 has been reached. If you don’t have any flower boxes due to a shortage of smurfs, simply delete a crop field for each box you wish to buy. There’s no set number of flower boxes required since the method involves reusing each planter. A minimum of one to five flower boxes is enough but having more will make the process go quicker. Any of the mentioned varieties or a combination can be planted. The most inexpensive of the three are the Daisies. Planting this seed instead of the other choices will save a player up to 20 gold coins.

Click on each individual box to plant the seeds. Wait a second or two and then click on the same flower box. A side menu should pop up displaying the seed type and the amount of time left before it can be harvested. On the left side of the menu should be a small red line within a circle. Clicking on it will prompt a message asking if you’d like to delete the flower. Tap yes to clear the flower box and repeat the process planting until the mission is complete. Before you know it those flowers and 250 XP are yours for the picking.

Several days after the official Valentine’s Day Update, Beeline released version 1.0.4a for its Android users. This   update primarily addresses all the major bugs that users encountered previously. Few days later Beeline releases an other performance update (version again  to Android users. Now players who suddenly discovered that their Smurfette was missing and many of their friends no longer appeared visible can let out a sigh of relief. All of those bugs and more have been fixed. Smurfette has returned. She can be seen casually strolling through the village blowing kisses at hardworking smurfs. Also when players click to view their friends each buddy’s village is present allowing the exchange of gifts and watering to commence, once again.

Other noticeable changes include a faster relaunch of the game, the ability to remove crops from magic shrubs, and the addition of level 41. Nat Smurf has a plant all and harvest all option added for faster gardening as well. There are also Valentine’s Day features allowing users to celebrate a day of requited love as they see fit. Special items like rose archways, cupid statues, heart mushrooms, trees with dangling hearts, and magical heart shaped bushes are available. Players can enjoy the presence of their friends by giving them limited-edition greeting cards and treats as gifts. From sprucing up the town with romantic décor to Papa Smurf’s courtship inspired quests, there’s plenty to do.

Like most updates there are still a few bugs that haven’t been quite worked out yet. These issues will be covered on our Bugs & Solutions page. However, one of the most noticeable glitches is that the screen often freezes while playing the Miner minigame. For Android users that have long-awaited the return of their Smurfette and Facebook buddies to their Smurfs’ Village this update is definitely worth downloading.

Latest Easter update (version 1.0.7) introduced new gardens where flowers can be grown and like crops they give XP (but no coins) and wilt after sometime. But there is also a new social-networking feature that prevents them from wilting. Once a flower is done and has given XP, a friend (i.e. a neighbour) can water them. If a friend visits the village and sees a water can sign above the flower gardens, taping them gives the flowers water. If this has happened, a water can sign will again appear above the flowers in the village and taping that makes a Smurf return to the flowers to water them and after their normal growing time they give XP again without the need to buy new seeds. If a flower has not been watered by a neighbour within the same time it took the flower to blossom it will wilt and has to be deleted. Planting new flowers is rather expensive, because they do not give coins back, so asking your friends to water the flowers is a good way to save coins.

The flower gardens are available at level 14 and cost 200 coins, some seeds come available later in the levels. If a seed can’t be used, but has the sign “Needs Seed” across the picture, it means this crop needs to be given by a friend as a gift before it is unlocked. Seeds, as soon as they have been grown and harvested once, can be given as gifts to neighbours. If a seed has been given once, the seed is unlocked and can from there on be used without restrictions. Some seeds have to be given as gifts to unlock (which ones is chosen randomly), as soon as this has happened, getting the same seed as gift for a second time does not do anything anymore. Buying Nat Smurfling unlocks all seeds immediately and they do not have to be given as gifts first anymore (although it is still necessary to reach the required level before using them).

Like the crops there has to be a Smurf available to water the flowers, if there is no Smurf available, they cannot be planted. The following is a list of available seeds, the required level, duration, the XP they give and their costs:

Red Roses60 Coins510 XP24 hoursLevel 14
Blue Roses60 Coins410 XP18 hoursLevel 16
Pink Roses60 Coins310 XP12 hoursLevel 18
White Daisies40 Coins490 XP24 hoursLevel 14
Pink Daisies40 Coins390 XP18 hours Level 16
Blue Daisies40 Coins290 XP12 hoursLevel 18
Red Chrysanthemums50 Coins500 XP24 hoursLevel 14
Purple Chrysanthemums50 Coins400 XP18 hours Level 16
Orange Chrysanthemums50 Coins300 XP12 hoursLevel 18
Orange Lilies75 Coins600 XP24 hoursNeeds Nat Smurf
Blue Lilies75 Coins350 XP12 hoursNeeds Nat Smurf
Blue Tulip100 Coins450 XP18 hoursLevel 20
Red Tulip100 Coins325 XP12 hours Level 24
Pink Tulip100 Coins250 XP8 hoursLevel 28