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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for free Smurfberries

Smurfs' Village JP UpdateFor those of you with the Japanese version of the game, iOS 1.340 has just been released.
This update is mostly the equivalent of iOS 1.3.4 in the international game (English Edition). When you update to this version, Brainy will award you with 1 free smurfberry (you may need to move around/wait a little before Brainy hands it over)!

Included in this update:

  • The snow has melted
  • Purchase Smurfette’s chalet on the mountain to generate daily XP
  • Mountain expansion for coins
  • One the expansion is complete, you can start rebuilding the Watch Tower
  • Crystal Storage and regular Storage cave now available for purchase on the mountain
  • New quests have been added
  • Level 55 has been added
  • New premium items, including Puppy and Beavers are available for purchase
  • Many other coin items added, including the remaining gifting signs!

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Few days back, precisely on Christmas day and as part of the Advent calendar which was advertised by Beeline on Facebook the last two weeks of December 2012 for iOS users in order to promote their games, iOS players who were playing the smurfs village while connected to the Internet they were able to get a free pack of 10 smurfberries from Beeline.  The pack of free smurfberries was supposed to be distributed to all Smurfs village players, however and for some reasons due to a glitch in Beeline’s servers, some players got more than 10 smurfberries. Surprisingly they kept getting smurfberries   dialog box popping up every one or two minutes, this made some players extremely happy despite Beeline has made a big lost in this incident, on the other side many other Smurfs village players were concerned, whether beeline will take back these free smurfberries or will charge those people who got them for free. Read More→

To promote Beeline’s new game Smurf Life, Smurfs’ Village players will notice a random banner offering 10 free Smurfberries for downloading and playing through the games’ tutorial. Since berries are essential for speeding up quests and buying the coolest décor items, it’s a great opportunity to snag a handful for practically nothing. The only requirement is to play through the tutorial which ends upon completing the game’s first three or so quests. Participants will receive 10 Moon Dust for Smurf Life along with their Smurfberry bonus gift. In order for your efforts to be counted towards this special offer it’s important to click the download and play Smurf Life link banner when it pops up. Read More→

The Smurfberry Bush was introduced in version 1.2.5 (iOS, Clumsy Smurf Update) and enables the player to grow Smurfberries.

The Smurfberry Bush works as an In-App Purchase and costs 4,99 USD (or the equivalent in other currencies, for example 3,99 EUR). The Smurfberry Bush will then grow 5 Smurfberries every 24 hours for a total of 15 days. That means the bush will give a total of 75 Smurfberries. After that it will remain in the village but only as a decorative item. It will not give more Smurfberries. Read More→

During valentines Beeline surprised Smurfs village players buy offering 5 free  smurfberries. likewise during  Easter 2012  Beeline didn’t miss the opportunity to share some love with  Smurfs fans after having some frustrated time with message in a bottle (M.I.A.B) quests.   Many players have already received  their free 3 smurfberries, and all of them were thankful to  Beeline  and them  happy easter as well (see the screenshot below taken from our facebook page).

In case you haven’t receive your Free Smurfberries yet just be patient as usually  is matter of time.  At the moment  don’t have more details if   both platforms Apple iOs and Android    are receiving this smurfberries package or not.