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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Lucky Smurf’s booth is available on the mainland for 1200 Coins from level 14 onwards. Lucky Smurf is stationary and does not walk around the village. He comes with his own mini game or shop.
Lucky Smurf’s Mystery Box Shop Game can be played once a day. At the beginning of the game there are three square brown boxes that the player can choose from. Opening one of the boxes reveals a prize. This can either be kept and placed in the village or dismissed for another box.
Choosing between a second set of three boxes (round red ones) costs 5 Smurfberries and they will once again give a prize.
It is also possible to dismiss this prize once again for a third choice of three boxes (square green ones). Opening one of these boxes costs 10 Smurfberries.

In the first box the prizes are usually low cost items that can be obtain for a few coins from the build menu (such as flowers, mushrooms etc.). But they do, on rare occasions also contain prizes that would otherwise only be available via Smurfberriees (such as the Harvest Wagon (originally 15 Smurfberries) or the 60 Smurfberry version of the butterfly).
The second and third box often contain items that are either otherwise available for Smurfberries, where temporary available (such as the Rose Archway, the Halloween Bat etc.) as well as unique items that have not yet been otherwise available (such as a game table, a Gargamel doll etc.) or even Smurfberries. But it is also possible to simply end up with a couple of coins after spending 5/15 Smurfberries on the boxes, a good prize is not guaranteed.
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Even though the first box often only contains low price items, it is definitely worth playing the first box once a day, as it can contain a high price Smurfberry item, even if only on rare occasion.


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After the recent iOS version 1.2.1 update, several players have been reporting that they have obtained random gifts on their island containing Palm Trees. These are not from the rafts, but gifts that appear as if they were left by other players. Once the Palm Tree is opened and placed, it cannot be moved again.

No word on if this is intentional on Beeline’s part of if it’s a glitch.

Clockwork Smurf is a special Smurf only available on the island. Clockwork is completely made out of wood and runs on a clockwork system (hence his name). He is build by Handy Smurf from a special blueprint.

The Clockwork Smurf blueprint will wash ashore on the island in a message in a bottle. Once the blueprint has been found, a new sign will come available under the status bar. Clicking that will give information on the progress of his creation.


To complete Clockwork Smurf Handy needs 10 pieces. It is possible to buy the pieces with Smurfberries, but as each piece costs 25 Smurfberries, it costs 250 Smurfberries to complete him using only Smurfberries.


This is most likely done to prevent people from finishing him early and hence making them enjoy the quest of completing clockwork longer.

There are two ways to get a piece for Clockwork Smurf. There are special message in a bottle quests that will give a piece as a reward.



The other way is to get bolts as a gift from your neighbours (If you want to add  neighbours  go to Add Me  page). For the first ten bolts one receives, one piece for Clockwork Smurf will be completed. After that the number of bolts needed will increase by ten for each piece, i.e. it takes twenty bolts for the third piece, thirty bolts for the fourth piece etc. That means it takes up to 460 bolts to complete Clockworks Smurf. Please note, if your neighbours don’t have a Clockwork Smurf blue print you cant give them bolts.


To give your neighbour a bolt, you have to visit their island, and then open the gift menu and the last gift on the list will be the bolt. If your neighbour has not yet found the Clockwork Smurf Blueprint, it will not be possible to give them a bolt.

Once Handy Smurf has finished building Clockwork Smurf, he will walk around the island and give quests on his own. Clockwork Smurf does not have his own mushroom house.


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Are you looking for new smurfy friends? Or do you want to add neighbor to  your village to give you daily gifts or to water your flowers? Do you want more XP and speed up your progress to level up faster? Or may be  you want bolts to construct your Clockwarker smurfs?  Or probably you want to customize your hut and you are short in supplies.  If this is the case so   you are in the   right place? Please Ask people in this page to add you and ask what you want. Please note that iOS users (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) CAN NOT befriended  with Android users and vice versa. In case you found a friend and you don’t know who to add him/ or here please   please check out  How to add  friends page.

For iOS users

If you are an iOS users  (ie. if you are an iPhone/ iPad or iTouch user )  just use your Facebook account to post a coment below or  leave your Game Center ID  (GC),  and  mention to  the other players what gift do  you want (potted flowers,  seeds, potions, stones, bolts,… ).

For Android users

You can only add friends if you own a  Facebook account, so please use your Facebook account and  post a comment below so other people can  add you. Don’t forget to let them know what you want.

Please Note: Bare in mind by adding people to your Facebook,  they may  get access to your photo and profile  information. So you may check your facebook privacy settings before. Many people are using separate Facebook account dedicated just for games, yet we are not sure if this causes  any  problem with Facebook terms of use .  For more neighbors,  you can post add  message to our facebook page

During valentines Beeline surprised Smurfs village players buy offering 5 free  smurfberries. likewise during  Easter 2012  Beeline didn’t miss the opportunity to share some love with  Smurfs fans after having some frustrated time with message in a bottle (M.I.A.B) quests.   Many players have already received  their free 3 smurfberries, and all of them were thankful to  Beeline  and them  happy easter as well (see the screenshot below taken from our facebook page).

In case you haven’t receive your Free Smurfberries yet just be patient as usually  is matter of time.  At the moment  don’t have more details if   both platforms Apple iOs and Android    are receiving this smurfberries package or not.