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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs Village 1.3.2a  is out now for Android PlayersVersion 1.3.2a for Android is now available for download. This release is equivalent to iOS Version 1.4.5 in which Gutsy joins the mainland Smurf village. This is the official Halloween 2013 update of the Smurfs’ Village game. This update was released just a few hours after the iOS update went live! We’re happy that Beeline seems to be getting the Android updates out closer to when iOS update are released.
The new update features Gutsy Smurf , a character  who gained a lot of fame  in the Smurfs movie.   Gutsy comes with his mini-game in this update. Lots of features and content were added in this update where players now can level up to new level now (64) . According to the official Beeline description: Read More→

Unlike previous years, this year The Smurfs village Halloween update has plenty of content and features added. Hopefully it will be out for Apple iOS users from anytime from now on, and will be followed for Android players  shortly. The main addition in this update is  Gutsy Smurf who  will be introduce to the main village. He comes with his Mini game Berry Harvest Hunt which will add extra fun to the players experience. We are sharing with you few screenshots of the upcoming update. please tell ups what do you think . Read More→

Beeline is running a limited time Sale of a playground slide in the smurfs village. The offer was made available during for 3 days (72 hours), yet other players got before others (it depends in which country you are). The offer will only pop up on your smurf village if you are connected to the Internet. The slide costs only 10 smurfberries (which is relatively cheap in comparison to the other promotional items) and it gives you 100 XP upon you place it in the village, in addition you earn 56 coins every time you collect XP form a Sandbox (it has to be placed closer to the slide). The playground slid can be bought in both the main smurfs village and the island. Read More→

vampire Bat in the smurfs villageVampire Bat is back to the smurfs  village since last year Halloween update. The Vampire Bat is made for sale in the smurfs village for limited time only as promotional item. Few  Apple iOS players got the offer for only 8 hours whereas others got it for 24 hours. But if you already miss it you  most probably will get it again during Halloween. It costs 60 Smurfberries and it gives 1000 XP when you place it first time in the smurfs  village and then it gives   you 300 xp three times a day(every 8 hours). Please  note, the Vampire Bat is not like the other seasonal items which will be disappear after the  Halloween update , if you buy it  will  remain permanently in your village.  If the offer hasn’t already popped up in your village you may check the start tab in the main menu, you will find daily offers  there. Read More→

Many Smurfs village players who just updated to the last version (Halloween update) are experiencing a game crash. Both platform users (Apple iOS and Android) are encountering this problem, whatever devices they are using, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPads, iPods,  tablets, and other Android devices. Beeline is already aware with this problem and they are investigating what is the cause of this game crash issue.  Many  other lucky  players didn’t face such a problem and they can travel to the island with any problem. Read More→