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Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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With the release of the Halloween update, a couple of new items have arrived in the Smurfsvillage.

The items available for coins are seasonal items, such as pumpkins, ghosts etc. will most like disappear with the next update.

The items bought with Smurfberries, such as the Spook House or the Halloween Customizations will stay in the village and not disappear, so it is likely that they can only be bought with this Halloween versions and will in future updates not be available to buy anymore. Read More→

Just in time for Halloween, the latest Smurfs’ Village updates 1.2.8 for (Apple iOs) and 1.1.6a (for Android) have arrived. Players will find a handful of cool Halloween themed décor items, costumes, and new features to help celebrate this holiday in a spooky yet fun way. For players that love to spruce of their villages with rare or limited edition décor, there’s a nice variety of themed items available in this mini update to choose from. Users can purchase a ghost or skeleton scarecrow for only 600 coins. A creepy willow tree and three different carved pumpkins with various facial expressions are available only for a brief time. Much like other holiday themed items they are not permanent. Read More→

Android smurfs village 1.1.6aThe Smurfs village Halloween  update was just released for android  users. This is the biggest surprise Beeline has ever made  for their Smurfs village   fans since they got their hands in  Android  platform. According to the reviews and Android players feedback, most of them  are extremely happy as they got a chance to enjoy Halloween themed update during Halloween season.  Usually the Android update  goes live at least 2 weeks  after the release of Apple iOs version (sometimes longer). Now it seems like Beeline ‘s development team is getting well established and have things under-control.  This makes most of the players leaving great feedback, apart few of them are having the game shut just after launching it. Read More→

Smurf halloween New Icon A great and neat Smurfs village  Halloween update  has been just released  by Beeline. Many new items and features have been added. According to Beeline, the new update has  lots of haunted Halloween fun in 1.2.8!
– Frightfully cute Halloween decorations to give your village spooky spirit!
– Handy’s “Haunted Shack” is full of fun Smurfy scares!
– Exclusive creepy hut customizations.
– Design your own Smurf Playground and fill it with fun!
– New land expansion on the island!
– Discover new rewards at the Miner’s Hut and Diamond Mine.
– New Smurftastic rewards!
– Lots of bug fixes. Read More→

Smurfs-village-halloween-update-scaredy-smurfsFinally it seems like Apple team have approved the submitted version of smurfs village Halloween update. Many apple iOs  players  got the  icon of their game center changed already. This is a good indication of the update release, hopefully it will be live in few hours. This time   the Smurfs village English version icon looks different than the Japanese  once which was released earlier. The icon features one of the smurfs (not clear who is?), scared and running away.  Last year  Scaredy smurf was introduced in Halloween update and was featured in the update icon, however this year no new character will be added. Read More→