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icon Ver.: 1.17.0 iconVer.: 1.5.8a
Size: 419MBSize: 152MB
Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: May 20, 2015
Updated on: May 19, 2015

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party smurfParty Smurf which took part in The Smurfs 2 movie is to join the Smurfs village team on your island to host a costume party. Party Smurf   is a premium smurf and was introduce in version 1.17.0 for iOS and 1.5.8a for Android, which was released in May 2015, and he was featured in the game icon. At the moment he is only available on the island, he is a stationary smurf and he comes with his hut but you cant place his Hut unless you unlock the island. If you didn’t unlock the island yet you may get the following message “This item belongs to an area you have not yet unlocked. Keep playing completing quests to unlock more smufy areas”. Read More→

Nanny SmurfNanny Smurf joined Grandpa Smurf on the mountain in the Thanksgiving 2013 Update (iOS v. 1.4.6, Android v. 1.3.3a). She is available for 30 Smurfberries from the build menu and her hut builds instantly. She is mostly stationary, though when she is knitting some items she has an animation that shows her knitting process, similar to Sculptor Smurf on the Swoofs Planet.

Nanny Smurf doubles the XP for digging in the mountain. Once a dig has been completed a reward of 15XP is given for each finished dig site; this is now doubled to 30 XP per dig site if Nanny Smurf’s hut has been placed. She does not double the reward when collecting whatever the Smurfs uncovered while digging.

Moreover, Nanny Smurf herself gives a bonus of 500 XP every 24 hours. Unlike with the other special houses like Grandpa’s Hut or Barber’s Shop Nanny’s Bonus is actually collected by Fireman Smurf. Read More→

The Smurfette Space update (version 1.4.4. on iOS) did not only bring Smurfette, but also Handy Smurf and his hut customizations to the Swoof’s Planet.
Handy Smurf works in space just as in the other areas, once his house has been built his shop and thus hut customizations become available.
As of now there is one set of customizations (balcony, door, window, shed, chimney) for the space houses of the swoofs and the smurfs. Unlike in the other areas though, the blueprints for these customizations do not need to be unlocked, they are free and automatically available. Read More→

condo_blueThe condos can be bought for 2000 Coins from the build menu and work as storage for mushroom houses. They are available in three colours and their rooftops can be painted with the colours from Painter Smurf.

As soon as at least one has been placed the other mushroom houses can be put in storage via the move mode (by pressing the arrow pointing down) without loosing any of the existing smurfs. Read More→

Handy Smurf in the Mountains We just  received the first image from Beeline representative, which reveals the first featured addition in the upcoming Smurfs village update. Apparently  Handy’s hut will be added on the mountains, according to Beeline’s description  “Add Handy Smurf to the Mountain and add customizations to your huts! “. Again, at the moment we do not know whether Handy will cost coins or smurfberries, but we initially think he will cost smurfberries. Also we don’t have any information about the available customization at the moment. Please tell us your impressions and what are you expecting to be added also. Read More→