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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Wooly Smruf in the smurfs village While many of you are still enjoying Snow in many parts of the world, however the snow has already melted in the Smurf’s village. Beeline has just released this week the new spring update of the Smurfs village game for both platforms Apple iOS and Android. The new version features two new special smurfs Woolly Smurf and Game Smurf.
According to Beeline official description:
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Smurfs Village Christmas updateBeeline has worked very hard lately in order to release the new Smurfs village Christmas 2013 update. The Christmas update is one of the important updates for both players and Beeline developers. That’s why Beeline decided to release the update as soon as possible. Despite is a weekend, Beeline has just released the Christmas update, as far as we know this is the first time Beeline releases an update in a weekend.   We understand that this is an exception as Christmas holiday is next week, and also in order to keep the Smurfs village players happy and busy during holiday season.  To note the update was just released for Apple iOS users and hopefully will be followed by Android update shortly.
With regards to the update content, as was mentioned previously, King smurf  is the featured character in this update, you will be also allowed to add his beautiful Royal Castle on the mountaintop. Read More→

Smurfs village VIP Store We kindly received today few screenshots from Beeline about the upcoming version of The Smurfs village game, version 1.4.6.  The main attractive feature  added in the game is the VIP store. Apparently in this VIP program when you achieve Smurfs village VIP status you will be able to earn access to Exclusive rewards! We don’t know all the details, but it looks like it will be a special store for very important players. In addition as we mentioned previously Nanny Smurf will join the smurfs in this update to add more fun to the game. She comes with her Hut and she will start knitting cool deco items .  Moreover according to beeline, A brand new Smurfy Wonder is coming to the Smurfs’ Village! Build the new Mountain Chalet Smurfy Wonder to start earning 1 free Smurfberry every week!  

Many new items can be seen in the following screenshots, like Thanksgiving Turkey, jelly fish. and much more, please have a close look and tell us what you the new additions you can see in this update. Read More→

Unlike previous years, this year The Smurfs village Halloween update has plenty of content and features added. Hopefully it will be out for Apple iOS users from anytime from now on, and will be followed for Android players  shortly. The main addition in this update is  Gutsy Smurf who  will be introduce to the main village. He comes with his Mini game Berry Harvest Hunt which will add extra fun to the players experience. We are sharing with you few screenshots of the upcoming update. please tell ups what do you think . Read More→

smurfs village 1.44Beeline has just released a new version of The Smurfs village game in the same day as the iOS 7 was released. If you are confused whether The Smurfs Village app will work on iOs 7 or not, Beeline has confirmed  that  this  update is compatible with iOS 7. With regards to the update content itself, many features  were added to the space. In particular Smurfette, which is featured in the game icon in this update, she can now travel to the space. In addition to Handy and farmer which will also can make to the space with Smurfette in order  to give the Swoof planet a smurfy flavor by customizing huts and planting new crops.

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