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Ver.: 1.5.9iconVer.: 1.4.6a
Size: 382MBSize: 125MB
Levels: 78Levels: 78
Updated on: August 28, 2014Updated on: August 29 , 2014

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The Magician Smurf updated (version 1.4.1 for iOS) added a new Smurfwalk Café to both the mainland  and the island. The café will give a daily reward of 500 XP once it has been placed in the smurfs village or in the island.
The café is available for 20 Smurfberries and also has several companion items available for coins. Each of those items, if placed close to the café, will increase the daily XP reward by 250 XP but only for a total of 2500 XP per day. Read More→

land expansion in the smurfs village Finlay the last featured image of the new items which will be added  in the next update was revealed today. As many of Smurfs village players predicted and guessed is new land expansion that will be added after a long wait. According to Beeline official description “More Space now available in the village and the island!“. Again we do not know any  details on which direction the land expansions will be added, as well we have no idea about the pricing, but we assume that  land expansions will cost smurfberries. Read More→

smurf_lucky_island_hutThe Lucky Smurf island Update (version 1.3.7 on iOS) added a mushroom house for Lucky Smurf on the island. Lucky Smurf’s Island Hut is available for 30 Smurfberries and comes with its own mini-game, Lucky Smurf’s Wheel of Fortune.
After placing the hut somewhere on the island Lucky Smurf’s Wheel of Fortune can be played every 23 hours and it works similar to Lucky’s game on the mainland.
The first spin is free and it is possible to win different items, these include Resources, Smurfberries, Free Smurfs and other premium items, but also coins and other regular items. It is also possible to win pieces for the Totem Pole or bolts for Clockwork. Read More→

The recent holiday update 1.2.9 is loaded with festive autumn themed items for players to design a Smurftastic Thanksgiving in their village. New items like the Thanksgiving Banquet Table, Corn Bushel, Gourds, Fingerprint Turkeys, Plush Turkey, and Wheat Bushel, Barrel full of Apples, Candles, Flowerpots, and Dandelions make it easy to create a very rustic feast for all of your smurfs to enjoy. Players have their main village as well as their island to set up special holiday feasts. This dual decorating opportunity leaves plenty of room for creativity as users design these traditional banquets against a tropical and wilderness setting. Read More→

Many Smurfs village players who just updated to the last version (Halloween update) are experiencing a game crash. Both platform users (Apple iOS and Android) are encountering this problem, whatever devices they are using, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPads, iPods,  tablets, and other Android devices. Beeline is already aware with this problem and they are investigating what is the cause of this game crash issue.  Many  other lucky  players didn’t face such a problem and they can travel to the island with any problem. Read More→