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Updated on: August 28, 2014Updated on: August 29 , 2014

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The Smurfs village update version 1.2.4 is live now. As it was expected Brainy is the main character in this update, he has now a house in the main village which costs   30 smurfberries. The active part of his hut is making all crops worth more and he can remove all withered crops without paying every time smurfberries.
An other new feature was added in the island is to move the fixed palm trees, as well as you can buy them from the shop, which they cost 10 smurfberries.  Many other decoration items were added like Lifeguard chair which was mentioned earlier and it  costs 40000 gold coins.

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From level 28 onwards, it is possible to build stone steps on the island’s left side to make it so that the smurfs can access the land on top of the cliff. To build the stone steps, the dam expansion needs to be completed first. After that, and if the required level has been reached, the stone steps come available from the first shop in the build menu.

There are two kinds of stone steps, the big ones, which can only be placed at one certain spot at the top of the cliff, and the small ones, for which there are up to three places (if all south expansions have been bought) where they can be placed. Both versions of the steps cost 10.000 Coins and take 120 hours to build (60 hours if Hefty Smurf is on the mainland).

With the latest version of the game (, Smurfette Summer 2012 update), Smurfette comes to the island.  For 25 Smurfberries a “Summer Home” is available to buy for her and after a travel back to the mainland so the other Smurfs can inform her about her new summer house, Smurfette will, together with Brainy, Papa and Dreamy Smurf travel on the SS Dreamy II to the island.

On the island Smurfette has her own little mini game, a “Sunbathing Game”. While Smurfette is sunbathing in her hammock, the other Smurfs, lovesick, will stop working to gaze at her.

Tapping on them within the given time limit will make them resume work and give 20 XP per Smurf that has been tapped. This game gains the most XP rewards if it is played when many Smurfs are close together so they can easily be tapped, for example when they all walk back from having finished their crops.

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The seabird (seagull) has arrived to the island and   is now available to purchase.  It costs  65 Smurfberries and is available only for  limited period (3 days or 72 hours).  The Seagull is not available in the main village  and it gives you 100 XP every few hours according to Beeline. Similarly to the duck, Seabirds are static and do not move around in the island.

The Seabird is now available on the island for limited time

With the latest version (version 1.2.1 on iOS) it is now possible to grow fruits on the island, similar to growing fruits on the mainland.

The fruits are grown on the palm trees. From version 1.2.4 (iOS) and 1.1.2a (Android) onwards it is now possible to move, delete and buy palm tress.

To move a palm tree, simply go into move mode and click on the base of the tree. This will not work if a fruit is currently being grown on it. The palm trees have a “soft” move field, meaning the move field and the space required to place them is rather large while moving it, but afterwards other items (like flowers, other palm trees, etc.) can be placed close to the base of the tree and are not limited by the space the palm required for placing it.

These trees can, unlike the shrubs on the mainland, not be bought from the shop nor moved. That means there is only a limited number of palms available that can be used for growing them. At the moment the maximum number is of available palm trees is nine (with all island land expansions).

To grow a fruit, simply tap on the base of the palm tree and just like with the normal crops a menu will pop open with all available crops.

There are two ways to get the seeds for the fruits unlocked, either by buying “Wild Smurf” for 30 Smurfberries and placing his hut on the island or by getting the seeds as gifts from friends/neighbours.

Just as with the flower seeds, once a seed has been given or Wild Smurf has been bought, giving that seed as a gift to the neighbour once again does not do anything.

The following fruits are available at the moment:

Coin Earnings

Banana (requires Wild Smurf)
24 hours39018072108

24 hours2871136350

Acai Berries
12 hours182744133

18 hours236945242

Oil Fruit
36 hours3661589959

The fruits grown on the palms can be harvested before they are finished, but then they will not give the whole XP/Coins Value. Clicking on a palm tree on which a fruit is growing shows the current value.

With Wild Smurf it is also possible to use “Harvest All” and “Plant All” on the fruits, for more information see the article on “Wild Smurf”.

A friend/neighbour can once per day help out on one palm tree by clicking on the watering sign. This will increase the value of the fruit. If a friend has helped out on the tree a sign will appear above the tree (see picture on the right side).