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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs village ios last winter updateAfter many surprises gifts and free Smurfberries, and few days after the new year Beeline have  released a new winter update (and probably the last  update themed with snow), for apple iOs users. The update contains a lot for decoration items in the main Smurfs land , in the island and also in the mountains, as it was expected.   The main new feature in this update is the Silo, which can be used to speed up multiple plots at the same time according to beeline, the Silo costs 15 smurfberries and is available in the smurfs village and the island, however smurfberries are required in order to speed up the the plots. Also now you can place more habitats and collect more animals in the  sanctuary.  No new smurfs or new levels were added in this update. Read More→

christmas 2012 smurfs villageWhile everybody was expecting the new update for next week, Beeline surprises smurfs village fans with the release of  a Christmas update for apple iOS players (Android users will expect their update , in few days).  Like wise every year  Christmas update is the holiday update and that’s what beeline is slogan for this update Get in the Smurfy Holiday Spirit with Smurfs’ Village Version 1.3.0!.  In this update in addition to new Xmas quests,  Sweepy Smurf was introduced to the village , he owns a hut but he doesn’t have any mini game. An interactive item this time also was added on which is the Christmas calender , in which you can get daily surprises. Many Christmas decoration items were added in addition to  a vintage Gramophone  which costs $2.58. Read More→

  After short wait since the release of iOs version, The smurfs village version 1.1.7a (Thanksgiving update) has been released  for Android users and is live on Googke play. Android players were very exited after they heard  some heads up about the update content  from their iOS companions. This update which introduces and features Grandpa Smurf  in the village is considered as one of the big updates since a long time. The players are now able to flight using hot air ballo0n and go to the mountains where they find Grandpa smurf. Once they reach the mountains, a  new smurf’s  life can be started thee under the guidance of Grandpa smurf.  Grandpa smurf will give new style of quest and the players need to work them out. Since there is no land in the rocky  mountains, most smurfs’ quest will be digging in the  mountain to find mineral resources (crystals) and Grandpa old items (glasses, magnifier, …) , in addition to XP and gold coins  and much more items can be found in the mountains. In this update Beeline has used a new strategy for the first time  by selling items using real money instead of buying smurfs berries and purchase items, however only one item (Handy Smurf’s Resource Machine) is being tested at the moment. Read More→

Smurfs village grandpa smurf updateBeeline has released a new version of Smurfs Village for iOs players (Android version will follow shortly) , the new  version 1.2.9 features Grandpa smurf  as the main character in this update. This new update is considered as one of the major and big updates for Smurfs village games since few mouths.  The main features in this update is  adding a new domain in the game where smurfs will travel to. This time smurfs have to travel to the mountain using hot air balloon to find Grandpa smurf and help him. But players first need to find out how to get or build the hot air balloon before they travel to the mountain.  While smufs travel to the mountain they will be able to build a hut for Grandpa smuf and  repair the new wondrous windmill for a special reward.

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Android smurfs village 1.1.6aThe Smurfs village Halloween  update was just released for android  users. This is the biggest surprise Beeline has ever made  for their Smurfs village   fans since they got their hands in  Android  platform. According to the reviews and Android players feedback, most of them  are extremely happy as they got a chance to enjoy Halloween themed update during Halloween season.  Usually the Android update  goes live at least 2 weeks  after the release of Apple iOs version (sometimes longer). Now it seems like Beeline ‘s development team is getting well established and have things under-control.  This makes most of the players leaving great feedback, apart few of them are having the game shut just after launching it. Read More→