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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Grandpa Smurf Mini game rewardsGrandpa mini game was introduced in the Don Smurfo update (May 2015), in which the rewards are really great. however many players found the game quite challenging. Basically when you start the game  it shows you a picture for a few seconds, then it will switch to the what’s missing/different picture. You can switch back and forwards to find the differences. The first picture is easy, its usually the same items missing or changed. The 5 Smurfberries round is a bit harder because it has 2 different  pictures and you never know which one you will get. But the more you play the more your gonna remember what’s where and what colour the original was. Read More→

The Naughties are characters from the coming Smurfs 2 Movie (to be released in the summer 2013). They were added to the smurfs village game as a promotional item for the movie in version 1.4.0 (iOS) and come with their own hut and mini-game. Even though they are promotional they will stay in the game indefinitely and are not a temporary addition to it.

The Naughties are available from level 5 onwards on the mainland and their hut costs 1000 Coins and builds instantly. The Naughties themselves are stationary; they do not walk around the village. Read More→

Beeline just released the first summer update of the Smurfs village game for this year. This holiday update comes in conjunction with the release of the Smurfs 2 movie which was filmed in  Paris.  Beeline brought back the movie theater to the smurfs village again but with a new look. According to Beeline The Smurfs’ Village 1.4.0 for Apple iOS users will feature a special tribute to “The Smurfs 2” movie. Place your own Parisian style movie theater, where your Smurfs can stop by for a show.  The Eiffel Tower was also added, and it glows at night. In  addition to the main added Characters the naughties who come with their  Naughties Hut where you can play the new mini game. Read More→

Paris1In honor of the upcoming Smurfs 2 movie, the new update 1.4.0 for the Smurfs’ Village game will be loaded with several fun themed features based off the film. As mentioned previously players will be able to bring a little bit of Paris to the countryside with a handful of new decorative items. Create your own Parisian Café in the center of your village or design a signature tourist spot for your smurfs to take a scenic break at. Add sleek street menu signs, gourmet cuisine, and dainty rounded serving tables complete with refreshments to satisfy a hungry crowd. Draw patrons to your café by laying stone pathways, adjacent lighting in the form of lamp posts, placing picnic blankets for a touch of romance that Paris is known for, and even fencing in the area to make it stand out from the rest of the village. There’s also a smurf-size Eiffel tower that glows in the dark when the game is in night mode. It’s truly a spectacular sight. Read More→

The Miner Smurf Mountain Update (version 1.3.9 on iOS) introduced Miner Smurf’s Mine on the Mountain. The mine is available for 30 Smurfberries from the menu and builds instantly after it has been placed.

miner smurfs minigame smurfs village

Miner’s Mountain Mine comes with its own gem collecting mini-game. There are three caves with varying difficulties available. In the game miner drives through the caves in a cart and it is the players job to collect as much gems and gold/silver as possible within one minute by jumping over obstacles and on platforms. Read More→