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Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Grandpa Smurf Mini game rewardsGrandpa mini game was introduced in the Don Smurfo update (May 2015), in which the rewards are really great. however many players found the game quite challenging. Basically when you start the game  it shows you a picture for a few seconds, then it will switch to the what’s missing/different picture. You can switch back and forwards to find the differences. The first picture is easy, its usually the same items missing or changed. The 5 Smurfberries round is a bit harder because it has 2 different  pictures and you never know which one you will get. But the more you play the more your gonna remember what’s where and what colour the original was. Read More→

The addition of Gutsy Smurf, from the Smurfs and the Smurfs 2 movies, has been a popular demand from players of the game and Beeline has now added him and his hut to the mainland village.
Gutsy Smurfs Hut can be purchased for 30 Smurfberries from the build menu. He is available for the mainland and comes with his own mini-game. Gutsy Smurf is stationary and does not walk around the village, that means he also does not count towards the character limit.

Gutsy Smurfs Mini-Game

Gutsy Smurfs Mini-Game is a Berry Picking game. During a set time period the player has to pick up ripe berries and place them in a basket before they fall down. The dark lilac berries give out 10 points, the light lilac berries are not yet ripe and only give 1 point. If a brown berry is placed in the basket it will not give any points. On a rare occasion it is also possible to pick up a red berries, they reward Smurfberries. Read More→

smurfs-village-icon-1.3.9Beeline has just submitted a new Smurfs village update to Apple. Apparently the new coming update version 1.3.9 has a lot to offer in the mountains area. As it can be seen from the icon, miner smurf was featured in this update, this is because a new miner mini game is introduced. You can build now another mine for Miner smurf in the mountains that comes with a new mini game. It looks like you need to tap the yellow button to jump up and down to be able to collect diamonds, gold, rings and so on to increase your XP in a fun way. Read More→

house_handy_dive_shopWith the Handy Smurf’s Dive Shop & Marina update (version 1.3.5 on iOS) Handy Smurf comes to the island with his own dive shop.

The dive shop is available for 7500 Coins and is built in 1 hour. It comes with its own mini-game, “Marina’s Pearl Dive”. To access the game the Dive Shop has to be upgraded for an additional 2500 Coins.

After the upgrade two reefs, the green and the yellow one are available. At these reefs Handy can collect pearls with his girlfriend Marina the Mermaid to get and XP and Coin reward. Read More→

SmurfsVillage_1-3-5_Marina_IconWe have been fortunate to get some exclusive screenshots from Beeline for the upcoming iOS update 1.3.5. The main  new character which will be introduced in this update is Marina the mermaid (Handy’s love). Marina which was thought that have joined the village in one of the previous updates, based on a screenshot which was submitted  by a Smurfs village fan but we failed to prove if its genuine or not. Now it  seems that the Marina wish comes  where the image of  this island  shows Handy sitting in a dock next to Marina. Apparently Marina gives XP also. The screenshot shows also many decoration items are added to the village  as well as countries flags like Russia, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, and China. In addition to pets like Chicken and hen house. Read More→