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Updated on: May 20, 2015
Updated on: May 19, 2015

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Smurfs village Double Berry bitsBeeline has launched this week an offer   (starting from September 18th until the end of this month)  in order to allow smurfs village players to earn Double Berry bits while watching  videos on Video hut! The news was published on Beeline’s official Facebook page and the offer will end up on the 30th of September 2014 as stated in the image.

In order to benefit from this offer, make sure to have a good Internet connection either through WIFI or 3G / 4G connections. Read More→

 smurfcopterAs one of the unique promotional items was  added  recently to the smurfs village is  the Smurfcopter. The copter comes in the  daily exclusive offers you that pops up on your screen  for 30 minutes.   You only get the Smurfcopter if you buy the smurfberries barrel which contains 350 unit and costs $24.99, where you will get the the chopper as a bonus.  The cute wooden copter lifts off the ground spins and sets back down-same spot.Despite this exclusive items it seems expensive, but there is no doubt that it very cute  item. Many people got this offer on different times, so if you didn’t get the offer now you will get it anytime soon.
In order to get this offer make sure to connect to the internet. Read More→

 Ferret bundle in the smurfs village A new exclusive offer was just popped up for those who play The Smurfs village. While the offer was made to sell Smurfberries for those who are in need to, yet you will get few bonuses with the package. This time Beeline has chosen to introduce a new animal which is Ferret. The Ferret resources bundle comes with 250 Smurfberries, 125 Dye, 400 Stone, 400 Wood, but it may vary from one player to another based on their purchasing history.  This bundle will be useful if you are building your watchtower or carousel in the mountains as they require  lots of resources. Read More→

pets-smurs-villageBeeline is making for sale lately some  cute items to be offered as a bonuses for whoever buys the smurfberries pack offered. After offering a campfire, a juicer, and many other items, today many players got an offer the a Chameleon on a tree trunk . The chameleon is a static pet and does not move around in the smurfs village or interact with smurfs. However, according to Beeline this friendly Chameleon changes colors. The Chameleon offer lasts only 30 minutes and probably will show up again for those who were unable to get it today. Just to remained you that the prices of the smurfberries pack offered may vary from one player to an other, and this is related to previous smurberries purchases. Read More→

super resource machine The Smurfette Mountain Update (version 1.3.4 on iOS and 1.2.2.a on Android) introduced the Super Resource Machine. On top of a new design this resource machine gives out more resources over the same amount of time, 25x Dye, 80xStone, 80xWood (85xStone and 85xWood from the 6th collection onwards), per day, making it a total of 2875 resources over 15 days to be precise.
The Super Resource Machine costs still the same as the original machine (9.99 USD), which is no longer available, and also unlocks all available blueprints.

Just like the original resource machine this one can be updated for a discounted price (6.99 USD). If the original resource machine is reactivated it will automatically turn into the Super Resource Machine and give out 2875 resources over 15 days as well. Read More→