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A lot of you may be stumped initially on how to acquire Architect Smurf, ever since he was introduced on the 4 May update. Due to the concurrent quests Papa Smurf issues, players may be confused on the sequence and process to acquiring him. Below is a brief guide on what you need to do in order to successfully build Architect Smurf’ hut. Firstly, you need to know that Architect Smurf can only be purchased on the island’s build menu, not the main village. Secondly, you need to be  at level 20 after Handy opens his hut shop in the main village in order to get this going. Handy Smurf can be purchased in the main village’s build menu for 500 coins. You can identify Handy’s hut that has a hammer icon hovering about his hut. Having Handy Smurf gives you the option to upgrade your mushroom houses to have more smurfs, first round by coins, and second, by smurfberries. Handy Smurf also comes with a simple hammering mini game that earns you a small amount of xp each time ( you can find out  more about Handy Smurf here).

Anyway, once you have gotten the update on 4 May and have completed any of Papa Smurf’s existing quests, the new series of quests will be triggered when you tap on Papa Smurf. Basically, he will ask you to send 3 smurfs into the forest for 2 days (48 hours), and this will happen a total of 4 times. Without using smurfberries, this will already take you 8 days to complete.

After which, he will ask you to collect wood from Timber Smurf. Not to worry if you have already just collected wood from Timber Smurf. Normally, you have to wait once every 12 hours to collect wood from Timber Smurf. But specially for this quest, you will see an arrow hovering above Timber Smurf’s hut and the wood icon hovering too. Tap on it to receive the wood and the quest will be completed.

Lastly, Papa Smurf will ask you to add a shed to the hut. Find Handy Smurf’s hut and now you will see the arrow hovering there. Tap on Handy Smurf’s hut and now you will an additional button that says ‘Handy’s Shop’. Tap on it and you go into a whole new menu that allows you to customize your mushroom houses into different variations. Initially, you have a few choices but as you unlock more and more blueprints, you get more choices. Some of the blueprints can be found by Jokey or Marco Smurf. If you can’t wait, you can always purchase them with smurfberries. You will see options to purchase wood, stones and dye and some special packages.

You will then realize in order to customize the huts, you need raw materials like wood, stones and dye. Wood can be harvested from Timber Smurf every 12 hours, while stones can be collected from Miner Smurf once a day. Sadly for dye, you can only acquire them either through gifts from Jokey,  friends or sending smurfs on a dye expedition on the island. Once again, if you can’t wait, you can use smurfberries to purchase these raw materials.

To customize your huts, simply tap on the desired customization, and tap on a selected mushroom house and tap once again to confirm you wish to customize the hut. Note: You need an available smurf to do the customization. It is almost like building another mushroom house as it will take time from 4 to 12 hours to customize.

Anyway, you can now head to the island, tap on the build menu and build Architect Smurf. Architect Smurf can be found next to Slouchy Smurf for 1500 coins. Once constructed, you will realize Architect Smurf share the same build menu as Handy Smurf, with one difference. With Architect Smurf, you can use the dye to color your mushroom houses on the island, performing the same function as Painter Smurf. Unfortunately, while coloring in the main village is free if you have purchased Painter Smurf, coloring on the island is not. For every dye, you will notice a cost involved. Some dyes cost more than others, so do take note before you decide to color your houses. Beeline currently has no intention of making the dye coloring free on the island, but you never know. One last thing to note, once you have customized your mushroom houses, DO NOT move them, as the customization will be lost. This is a glitch that has been made aware to Beeline, and we hope they can fix it as soon as possible.

Credit to: Poet Smurf

As part of the Valentine’s Day update there’s a series of special quests players will receive from Papa Smurf. One of the trickiest of these missions is the Flower Box task. Players are asked to plant 20 boxes of flowers, harvesting 20 flower boxes of Daisies, Chrysanthemums, or Roses. Although the wording of this quest can be confusing it’s possible to accomplish this mission within minutes. The flowers do not have to be fully harvested to count toward the total. It’s only requesting users to plant 20 flower boxes.

An easy way to successfully complete this quest is to plant, delete, and then re-plant each flower box until the quantity of 20 has been reached. If you don’t have any flower boxes due to a shortage of smurfs, simply delete a crop field for each box you wish to buy. There’s no set number of flower boxes required since the method involves reusing each planter. A minimum of one to five flower boxes is enough but having more will make the process go quicker. Any of the mentioned varieties or a combination can be planted. The most inexpensive of the three are the Daisies. Planting this seed instead of the other choices will save a player up to 20 gold coins.

Click on each individual box to plant the seeds. Wait a second or two and then click on the same flower box. A side menu should pop up displaying the seed type and the amount of time left before it can be harvested. On the left side of the menu should be a small red line within a circle. Clicking on it will prompt a message asking if you’d like to delete the flower. Tap yes to clear the flower box and repeat the process planting until the mission is complete. Before you know it those flowers and 250 XP are yours for the picking.

  Smurfs village Game has also took a part in the marketing campaign of the smurfs movie, Brainy who was the advisor and the brain storming of the village has turned out to a marketer and invites people to go the Movie theatre which was built previously in the village in order to watch the trailer of the Smurfs movie. Unfortunately for the movie theatre will be removed in the next update of the game which will be launched some times in September, but lets discover what was inside first.

It was years ago when our favorite blue buddies creatures entertained us on television. Fast-forward to 2011, now they could be seen on a bigger screen – and on 3D.

Originally the Smurfs was a well-known comic and television franchise created in 1958. And now, it’s one of the biggest movies this summer. The story still revolves around the 6 Smurfs that people used to love namely: Lazy Smurf, Grouchy Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Gutsy Smurf, Papa Smurf, and Smurfette. Let’s take a closer look at these lovely characters (before we get into a grueling movie review).

PAPA SMURF Jonathan WintersIn every group, there’s a leader – and for the Smurfs, that’s Papa Smurf. He is the chief of the Smurf Village with all the wisdom, knowledge, and the heart for all. Smart as he is, he stands in between the Smurfs as to stop them from acting ill like humans do. Enough said, Papa Smurf has much wisdom as his age.
papa smurf
SMURFETTE Katy PerryIn every man’s success is a woman – that doesn’t exclude the Smurfs. And that’s where Smurfette comes in. Originally made Gargamel to break the cohesiveness of the Smurfs, Papa Smurf (the wise, old Smurf) turned Smurfette into a graceful Smurf. She acts like any other normal human woman is like and would love to play around the fellas. So now you know the main Smurfs starring in The Smurfs 3D movie, it’s time to put the movie on the grill.
BRAINY SMURF Fred ArmisenEvery situation, every chance he gets, Brainy Smurf would take everything else seriously. Try to tell a joke and maybe Brainy Smurf would not take it as it is. This smarty pantsy Smurf loves to quote words of the olden days (and people) to preach them to other Smurfs. It’s just that sometimes the other Smurfs find it rather annoying
GROUCHY SMURF George LopezWhatever you say, little Grouchy Smurf would really tell you ‘no’. Well… what’s he Grouchy for if not for that? Grouchy easily negates any idea. He doesn’t like anything anyone would say. But, just like any other grumpy person or creature, Grouchy Smurf still has a heart of gold.
grouchy smurf
CLUMSY SMURF Anton YelchinClumsy Smurf often trips and falls. Most of the time, he walks around the village and is always seem to trip on his own feet. With clothes with a loose fit, it made Clumsy Smurf look even clumsier. Clumsy is very close with Brainy Smurf – which is just right. Coz at times (which is most likely ALWAYS) when Clumsy loses his brains, Brainy Smurf is just there to equal and fill in what’s lacking. Although his name has a negative connotation, he is nonetheless appealing.
GUTSY SMURF Alan Cumming Though not part of the original Smurfs, Gutsy Smurf is an addition to the ‘blue’ family for the 2011 film. He is, as his name says, brave and would never fear anything. He would dare and try on any challenge without fear – even if it means wearing a Scottish kilt.


Gargamel’s greediness for the Smurfs’ blue essence started this flick. The Smurfs wanted to get away and escape for Gargamel’s harsh revenge, they ended up running lose in New York.

For kids (which this movie is really aiming for), this storyline might just be okay. But to the adults, this is barely appealing. A lot of movies have come up with this kind of concept already. Some have been successful at it, while some just barely got the perfect formula.

A point or two could be given on entertainment factor. The movie is entertaining (not that bad but not that excellent) in a sense that there’s an adventure and thrill factor of a run-and-chase between Gargamel and the Smurfs. However, the crude but (sorry to say this) a bit stupid puns and jokes didn’t make the movie seem appealing. Plus, the constant and often changing of words and/or syllables to ‘Smurf’ is just overrated.


The movie has probably redeemed itself on this factor. For originally-animated characters to come and visit the real world, it is amazing how the artists and animators have seen to it that the Smurfs would not look like aliens running around the city. However, they made every detail of them look life-like and not too off from what is ‘real’.

It was also smart to put this game into 3D. For one, 3D is the ‘in thing’ now. It’s quite a shame to put this one behind and not go with the trend. Another thing, the animation and the artistry of the Smurf characters would be better appreciated on 3D.


The movie is 50% appealing. With the effects and graphics, it looks really great and cool. Kids would love to see these tiny and cute blue creatures since they look sweet and endearing. The story would only appeal to kids – and with kids, it means those who are still too young to digest what a good story is or should be.

The other 50% of it being not appealing fell on the adults’ side. Obviously, adults would not appreciate much on animated films – but this is quite selective. There are animated films which are appealing to both kids and adults.


So the verdict? Probably 6-7 stars out of 10 for The Smurfs 3D.

With all the points stated above, the movie is just so-so. Many people (if you’ve read reviews other than this) has really pushed the movie down and forgot to appreciate anything from it at all. Although, yes, there are a lot of negative comments to be said, there are still good parts of the movie that people forgot to give credit for.

If your kids didn’t enjoy it that much, then it’s fine. But other kids found the joy in watching The Smurfs, too. The disappointment would probably on the older ones who have witnessed the original story on television. Seeing the film, their expectations were probably not up to it. However, to kids who innocently watch the movie without prior knowledge of its history, they would surely love the fun and adventure that was wrapped around it.

And for all the negative reviews there is, may they all be a lesson that film producers and directors should learn. If The Smurfs movie was a bit experimental on their part, they now know which part went right and which part went wrong.

During level 23 Papa smurf will give you the first riddle as following: “I may seem tough, I may seem dry, but beneath the surface I make you cry. What am I?”

Hint: It’s a crop. Plant the crop mentioned in the riddle. So you will earn an additional 900 XP.

Remember! Avoid to click on “Show  Solution”  below only if you  stuck, otherwise this might spoil it and take away the fun of finding the solutions on your own.

[spoiler effect=”slide” show=”Show Solution”]

Solution: Onions. Just plant a crop of onions and harvest it when it is ready



The first of the special Smurfs who is introduced is Papa Smurf. Papa is not stationary, that means he walks around the village, he has always a “!” above his head, this means that he has a quest that needs to be completed. Once the task is done, Papa gives XPs as a reward for the successful completion. His quests are usually request to play one of the mini-games, plant and harvest a specific crop or send some Smurfs out into the forest for some time. Read More→