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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Pets

A new feature was added with the Smurfette Space Update (version 1.4.4 on iOS). The Swoofs can now tend to eggs to hatch a space critter or to a mystery seed to grow a special space plant.

The mystery seeds or eggs are found in crates that can be uncovered by digging in the craters on the planet’s surface. It is, just like finding Smurfberries in these crates, only on a rare occasion that either one of those can be found. Read More→

The animal habitat in the smurfs village, similar to the island, is a different section of the game, so it is not limited by the character limit. Even if someone is on the character limit, it is still possible to get animals for the habitat.

The animal habitat has, however, its own character limit. In level 9 (when the habitat can be placed inside the village) it is possible to place up to three new animal “houses” (i.e. a logs, stamps or caves in which one additional animal can live) to the habitat. From then on one additional house can be placed within Doctor Smurf’s Animal Habitat. From level 12 onwards a new house can only be placed every two levels.

Read More→

Few weeks ago the a red  bird who’s sitting in its nest and singing popped up in Japanese edition villages.  Today has arrived to English villages. The red Bird is a static bird similar to the duck doesn’t move around in the village. The Bird can be purchased in both the island and in the village, and it costs 45 smurfberries. This is  a promotional item for limited time only,   which will be available only for 72 hours (3 days) and then will disappear.  According to Beeline description, this cute musical bird will give you XP a few times a day.

Beeline  has already offered a Black Bat and Yellow Duck, Red Singing Bird, but it would be smurfy if  the  Smurfs will get a Blue Bird  :).

After the Prickly porcupine came to Japanese Smurfs village edition few weeks ago, has made it finally to the English edition villages. Today  Beeline has  made the Prickly porcupine for sale for the next 3 days (72 hours) for limited time only. Prickly porcupine is a  stationary animal and doesn’t move around in the village like snails and caterpillars. Similarly to most animals  and critters, the Prickly porcupine gives 450 XP twice a day.  It can be purchased either on the main smurfs village land or in the island. The cost of the Prickly porcupine is 40 Smurfberries.

The Prickly porcupine looks very cute and shy animal,  it would be a good idea if Beeline allows such animals to reproduce to make the 4o smurfberries  really worth it.

Recently Beeline has surprised  Smurfs village players by offering  new decoration items and pets. After the appearance of the  the ice cream  wagon earlier this month, this time a  new animal was introduced to the village again for limed.  An new cute yellow duck was introduced for just limited time only, the cost of the duck is 60 smurfberries.  According to Beeline description ‘This yellow duck will give you a lot of xp once a day’. If you buy the duck you will get 750Xp, and then you will get 800 xp every 24  hours.

The yellow ducks can be bought on both the mainland village and the island.  However you have to avoid to put a the duck behind the dam, because you wont be able to move  it or to collect XP, as this seems to be a minor bug.

You can make a duck cage like this one