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Updated on: Jan 6, 2015Updated on: Jan 9, 2015

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reporter1Please note: If you are reading this article and you have a twitter account, we would appreciate if you twit this page, just to have an idea on how many players are using their twitter account. Thank you

Smurfs’ Village fans have been in an uproar over the recent changes to the Reporter Smurf’s daily news feature. As part of the latest iOS update 1.3.9 and upcoming Android release of the game, when users tap on Reporter Smurf for daily news they must tweet the post of the day in order to receive a reward. Reporter Smurf runs the official Smurf Village Newspaper and similar to the local papers of today he likes to tweet top smurf stories. Prior to the new update players were allowed to receive the reward for the day without tweeting. It was optional and players did not have to link their twitter accounts or even own one to earn a daily bonus from Reporter Smurf. Read More→

Many Smurfs village players who just updated to the last version (Halloween update) are experiencing a game crash. Both platform users (Apple iOS and Android) are encountering this problem, whatever devices they are using, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPads, iPods,  tablets, and other Android devices. Beeline is already aware with this problem and they are investigating what is the cause of this game crash issue.  Many  other lucky  players didn’t face such a problem and they can travel to the island with any problem. Read More→

As Beeline promised it’s fans a to release a new update in order to fix the current bugs in the smurfs village game, today a new version has been released. According to Beeliene in this update  many bugs fixes and performance improvement were conducted, and this includes:
– No prompt to connect to Twitter when starting the game.
– Reporter Smurf connects more reliably when giving bonuses and has the ability to retry to get rewards.
– Fix to a misreported number of Smurfs after building a habitat in the Sanctuary.
– Island crop times will be correct between sessions

  Read More→

You may already notice  that  you have a problem to visit, to see or probably  to gift your friends today.  Apparently the Beeline servers are currently down for maintenance. During this time friend finding and gifting are unavailable. Beeline expects the servers to be back up within Read More→

Recently Beeline kindly provided a pack of free smurfberries to wish happy easter to Smurfs village players.   Apparently the gift meant to be sent to both platform users Apple iOs and Android.  It was reported  that most Apple iOs  (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)  users have received   there gift but in contrast   most Android users didn’t receive any smurfberries.  Moreover  for those   Apple users  who   received gifts many of them got  more than 100 smurfberries instead of 5.

This is not new but apparently this glitch is part of the previous  buggy update of the last version.