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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs Village orange potionSmurfs village players  who are using Apple iOS  devices and those who updated to the latest version 1.2.7,  are encountering a new issue with Grouch smurf’ new quest. This time the quest has nothing to do with Tulip flowers but instead to is to mix the orange potion. Players at different levels got a ” Rhymes with Orange Part ” quest  from Grouch asking them to mix the orange potion and will earn 2300 XP in return.  However it seems like most of the players are not able to complete the quest despite how many time they tried, as this is due to a glitch. At the moment there is no quick fix or solution to overcome this issue, therefore players are encouraged to ignore it at the moment. Beeline is aware with the problem and hopefully will be fixed in the next release.  Read More→

There’s a glitch associated with Grouchy’s Tulip Harvest Quest that has been causing players difficulty. Unfortunately, users must work around this error until it’s resolved in the next Smurfs Village update. Simply planting tulips in several flower boxes and then harvesting them will not count towards completing Grouchy’s task. In this quest due to a glitch, players aren’t allowed to reuse flower boxes unless they spend Smurfberries to accelerate the growing process.

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Smurfette is back at it again. After reading a smurfy fairy tale about a Princess that kissed a frog that happened to turn into a handsome prince, she gets a brilliant idea.  If there was frog in the village for her to kiss she might meet her prince charming. To test her new theory out, Smurfette requests players to add a frog to their village. Although frogs are present in the build menu, most players are unable to purchase them. There’s a glitch that is generating this quest entirely too early. The patient frog which gives users XP every few hours isn’t available for players until they reach level 32. This error in timing prevents players from completing the quest. Currently for those that have encountered this problem there is no current solution.

 Beeline is completely aware of this bug and plan to fix it in their upcoming Smurfs’ Village update 1.2.0. If a player is close to level 32 they may be able to complete this quest before it’s corrected. Actively sending gifts, harvesting high fruit trees, planting XP yielding crops and tackling other available quests is the best way to level up quickly. For others that are nowhere near that number, waiting may be your only option. It’s very annoying to receive a high level quest that you can’t complete. Smurfette’s previous Corn, Artichoke, and Tomato Quest will be fixed as well. Hopefully, the new update will revise Smurfette so we can avoid these blunders altogether. Stay posted on the latest Smurfs’ Village glitches by checking out our Bugs and Solutions page.

In one of Smurfette’s latest quests, players are asked to harvest 20 flower boxes. Much like previous flower box quests that some users may have encountered in the past, the wording can be very misleading. Simply harvesting 20 flower beds will not successfully complete the task. Although the instructions clearly state to harvest, only the mere act of planting is credited. Also users do not need multiple flower beds to plant Smurfette’s beautiful bouquet, one will suffice.

Despite the quest’s vague directions, there are several important requirements that must be met in order to complete this task. The first major step is to start with an empty flower bed. Roses already planted do not count. Players have to plant 20 flowers from scratch. If you don’t have any empty flower boxes then select a nearby bed and remove its contents. This can be done quickly by tapping on the desired box and choosing the remove icon located on the side of the menu. The tiny tab often resembles a red circle with a slash running through the center of it. A prompt will appear asking if you are sure you want to remove the item. Clicking yes automatically empties the bed.

The second step is where most players get stumped. Smurfette is extremely general in her wording which often leads users to believe they can plant any type of flower. Unfortunately that is not the case. There’s a glitch associated with this task that only credit users that plant red roses.

Players that attempted to save coins by planting inexpensive daisies were thoroughly disappointed. Varieties such as the daisy, chrysanthemums, tulips, and lilies are not tallied. To successfully tackle Smurfette’s quest and earn the XP reward players must plant red roses, then empty the flower bed, and repeat until all 20 roses are planted.

In the recent 1.1.9 update along with Harmony Smurf’s Mini-Game the   M.I.A.B (Message In A Bootle) system bugs were corrected. Players can finally with confidence tackle the message-in-a-bottle quests knowing that they will not disappear the following day. The MIAB system is now working flawlessly the way it was intended. Every single Friday afternoon at 4pm EST a new message in a bottle will appear floating on players’ island shorelines. Since all of the bugs have been fixed associated with this feature users can easily complete bottle tasks and earn their just rewards.

For those not familiar with the MIAB system it was originally designed as a way for players to earn the coveted totem pole. The totem pole is not an item available in the build menu. It has to be constructed by collecting the core pieces. Rewards for successfully accomplishing bottle themed quests usually result in one of these essential pieces. Each week players have an opportunity to collect one of the essential pieces. Once all of the parts have been earned users will automatically have a functional totem pole to control the weather. This unique item possesses the ability to make it rain like a call to the ancient Gods above. It’s very cool.

Message-in-a-bottle quests delegate four different tasks that must be completed within so many hours. These lengthy timed missions can vary from harvesting large number of crops to sending smurfs out on rafting journeys. The sooner they are completed the faster a player will receive their reward. Smurfberries can be used to speed up the process. Although using this option in the past has resulted in the loss of precious berries, the glitches contributing to that problem has been solved. Unfortunately, there will be no refund for players that have lost their Smurfberries when the MIAB system wasn’t working. Players can confidently expedite their bottle tasks using berries if they want to without the fear of the quest randomly switching on them or their totem piece suddenly disappearing.

To make up for the MIAB debacle, Beeline has increased the drop rate for the first totem piece allowing every user who completes their initial bottle quest to snag a totem pole segment as a reward. There’s also an option to instantly complete your totem pole. Once a player’s first piece is placed they can tap on it to prompt a menu with a finish now tab. It costs 100 Smurfberries for each totem part. If a user only has one segment then it will take 300 berries to instantly finish. This feature is handy for those players who have the berries to spare. The MIAB system should be a fun and interesting addition to the game now. It’s time for players to truly rule their villages and make it rain, literally.


With the latest version (Lucky Smurf Island Update, version 1.3.7 on iOS) it is now also possible to win a piece of the totem pole from Lucky Smurf’s Wheel of Fortune (for more information please read the article about Lucky Smurf).