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Smurfette’s quests can sometimes be tricky, depending on the glitch associated with it. In the Corn, Artichoke, and Tomatoes Quest players are instructed to grow 10 crops of each.

Although this task seems relatively simple enough, there is a bug with that quest and the workaround is to replace the regular corn with golden corn. It was never Beeline’s intention to use golden corn as part of the quest and golden corn is only a temporary fix until Beeline corrects it in the next update.

 Golden corn is not a traditional crop. It has to be unlocked by purchasing a harvest wagon. For those players who do not already own the harvest wagon it’s worth the 15 Smurfberries. Golden corn is a valuable vegetable in Smurfs’ Village to have. It’s one of the best methods for accumulating coins quickly. Each harvested crop yields a whopping 165 coins and 44 experience points to boot. The 10 hours that it takes to grow allow players to double their profits in a single day.

An effective method to tackle this quest is to make sure you have 30 empty fields available for planting. Start planting the 10 crops of golden corn first. After an hour log back in and begin planting 10 artichokes. Wait another hour and plant the 10 crops of tomatoes. Using this process will make it where all of the crops are ready to be harvested at the exact same time. Stair stepping the crops can save a lot of time. Players without enough fields or with fields occupied that have to plant each crop after the last has been harvested can take several days to complete. Strategically plant your corn, artichokes, and tomatoes for a plentiful harvest and a generous XP reward from Smurfette.

As part of the Valentine’s Day update there’s a series of special quests players will receive from Papa Smurf. One of the trickiest of these missions is the Flower Box task. Players are asked to plant 20 boxes of flowers, harvesting 20 flower boxes of Daisies, Chrysanthemums, or Roses. Although the wording of this quest can be confusing it’s possible to accomplish this mission within minutes. The flowers do not have to be fully harvested to count toward the total. It’s only requesting users to plant 20 flower boxes.

An easy way to successfully complete this quest is to plant, delete, and then re-plant each flower box until the quantity of 20 has been reached. If you don’t have any flower boxes due to a shortage of smurfs, simply delete a crop field for each box you wish to buy. There’s no set number of flower boxes required since the method involves reusing each planter. A minimum of one to five flower boxes is enough but having more will make the process go quicker. Any of the mentioned varieties or a combination can be planted. The most inexpensive of the three are the Daisies. Planting this seed instead of the other choices will save a player up to 20 gold coins.

Click on each individual box to plant the seeds. Wait a second or two and then click on the same flower box. A side menu should pop up displaying the seed type and the amount of time left before it can be harvested. On the left side of the menu should be a small red line within a circle. Clicking on it will prompt a message asking if you’d like to delete the flower. Tap yes to clear the flower box and repeat the process planting until the mission is complete. Before you know it those flowers and 250 XP are yours for the picking.

Beeline interactive team has just released the first update of Smurfs’ village game  for the iOS devices for  this year 2012. The update this time is just a performance  update in which  the Christmas theme is present.  According to Beeline you will get in this update:

  • Performance enhancements.
  • New orange decorations were added like orange mushroom, fence, bench, and flowers.
  • For those who lost Grouchy on Christmas quest, they will find him now.



Like some of the other Smurfs, for instances Jokey Smurf or Smurfette, Clumsy Smurf is not stationary, that means he does walk around the village all the time. Clumsy Smurf does not come with his own hut and he is free, neither Coins nor Smurfberries are needed to obtain him, although Papa will ask you to upgrade one of the Smurfhouses with either Coins or Smurfberries so Clumsy can live in one of them after he joins the village (see the “Upgrading Houses” section for more information on that topic).

Clumsy Smurf can be found from level 20 onwards. After that level has been reached, Papa Smurf will give the task to send two of the Smurfs in the village out to the forest for 24 hours and when they return they will bring Clumsy Smurf with them. If Papa does not give you the mentioned task, make sure you are up to date with all of your quests given by Papa (see “ I can not find Clumsy Smurf ” if you continue to have trouble finding him).

Clumsy Smurf will give you quests on his own, but unlike Papa Smurf he runs out, that means if all of his quests have been completed he will not give you a new one until the next level is reached. As with all Smurfs who give tasks a yellow “!” above his head indicates that he has a task that needs to be completed.


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During level 23 Papa smurf will give you the first riddle as following: “I may seem tough, I may seem dry, but beneath the surface I make you cry. What am I?”

Hint: It’s a crop. Plant the crop mentioned in the riddle. So you will earn an additional 900 XP.

Remember! Avoid to click on “Show  Solution”  below only if you  stuck, otherwise this might spoil it and take away the fun of finding the solutions on your own.

[spoiler effect=”slide” show=”Show Solution”]

Solution: Onions. Just plant a crop of onions and harvest it when it is ready