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icon Ver.: 1.19.0 iconVer.: 1.5.8a
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Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs village Android update version 1.1.4a was released yesterday by Beeline, this version is about Doctor  and Reporter smurfs and animal Sanctuary. The update is live and ready for download from Google play for all users using  Android: 2.2 and up. Few players are experiencing  game crashes   as well as the game freezes but these are common issues encountered by Android users who use devices which are not compatible with the game.  If you are experiencing other issues please post them below to share with other players.  With regards to the content of this update is similar to Apple’s release version 1.2.6 , but what’s new in this version according to beeline description? Read More→

Shortly after the icon of the smurfs village game changed on game center  (GC), the new update have been released.  At the beginning it wasn’t clear which smurf is featured in the icon but it turned out to be  Clumsy smurf. Clumsy smurf was already introduced to the village in earlier version and can join your smurfs village once you reach level  20 onwards. However this time his hut,  which comes with a mini game were introduced in this version which makes him the star in  this update . A big surprise in this update is the Smurfberry Bush which can give you 5 smurfberries daily (75 SB in two weeks as described by Beeline), which we really thing is a good items which you would invest your smufberries in.  A major addition to the smurfs village this time is adding new languages to the game, so  after the Japanese and Russian editions now is time for   French, Italian, German and Spanish players  to  enjoy The smurfs village game  in their  own languages  without referring to a translator (although I’m wondering what would be a quest of papa smurf “What rhymes with teas?” ). Read More→

The Smurfs village game Japanese edition version was just released this week.  The Japanese edition is  slightly different than the English edition. The main iconic character in this version is Tracker smurf, but instead to have a white feather in his hat, he has a green one.  Moreover in this update, ‘Mystery Pot‘ was introduced. When you press the ‘pot’ icon, it shows 4 tabs (1500 gold coins, 10 smurfberries, 30 smurfberries, and 50 smurfberries ). Each tab shows 4 or more items from which you can randomly obtain when you buy the pot. Read More→

This week Beeline has released a new version for Android users to catch up with their iOS fellows.  In this new version 1.1.0a Smurfette has arrived to the islands to enjoy the summer. You can build a new house for Smurfette and play its new mini game. Smurfette will join the crew of Papa Smurf brainy and Marco smurf to travel back and forth from the main village to the island.    Also a new smurf Lucky smurf was introduced to the village, where you can play his minigame and get many items which are not available on the shop at the moment, like valentine statute.  Many other decoration items were added to match the summer theme. In case if you haven’t downloaded  the new version, it  is live on Google play, you can download it at your convenience.

So what is new according to beeline official description?

– Build a summer house for Smurfette on the island! Play her sunbathing minigame to make the lovesick Smurfs go back to work!
– Tired of harvesting on the island by hand? Add Farmer Smurf’s tractor to the island to simplify farming. Just like Farmer Smurf, the tractor will boost nearby crops, and add the “harvest all” ability. If you have Farmer’s “plant all” upgrade in the village the tractor can “plant all” too!
– Lucky Smurf joins the village at level 14 with his mystery box shop. Open mystery boxes and decide whether to keep what’s inside, or open a new box for even smurfier prizes. How lucky will you get?
– Scale the mountainside at level 28 for a new free land expansion on the island!
– Level 48 has been added to the game
– Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Finally Beeline has released a new update for Android  users to catch up with  their iOS fellows  after a long wait.  In this update (1.0.7a)  not only fixes took place but also new smurfs have been introduced to the game, i.e  Harmony and Snappy. In addition to that   many decoration items were added.   Also  promotional items were added like the Prickly porcupine and duck.  Version 1.0.7a  is live and can be downloaded from Google play.

According to Beeline official description:

– Harmony Smurf , hut and mini game now available on the island. Harmony’s Music Match-Up mini game contains 10 songs that you can unlock as background tracks for the island.
– New Snappy Smurfling character, hut and quests for the island. If you place Snappy next to Sassette and Slouchy the 3 smurflings perform a daily dance
– Lots of Smurfy new decorations for the island
– The level cap increased to 46
– A new jumping fish for the island that you can place in water
– A new paid space expansion for the original village