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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Smurf berries

 Farmer smurf (plant all)

A function that many fans of the game have been asking for was added in version 1.1.2 of the app. It is now possible to upgrade Farmer Smurfs hut so that on top of his “Harvest All” function it is also possible to plant a specific crop on all available fields with one click. Like the “Harvest All” feature this can save you a lot of time if you have many gardens in your village.

To enable this function Farmer’s Hut has to be upgraded for 15 Smurfberries, just tap on his house and then on the “Upgrade” button in the window that pops up on the right side. As soon as the upgrade is completed this function can be used and Farmer’s Hut gets a black weather station on top of his thatched roof as a visualisation of that upgrade.

To use this feature, just tap on the house and click on the “Plant All Crops” button. A sidebar with all the available crops will appear. The numbers shown there (i.e. the price, the number of XP and Coins gained) are accumulated, that means they are the totals for all the crops that will be planted by tapping on them, not just for the one individual crop that is shown in the normal mode.

If this function is used, the chosen crop will be planted on every garden and the number of crops is only limited by the amount of available Smurfs and free gardens.

Tailer Smurf was introduced in the latest version of the Smurf’s Village App (Version 1.1.0). After his hut has been bought for 30 Smurfberries and placed in the village he enables the feature to change the headwear of every “Worker” Smurf who lives in the village. Like all the other Special Smurfs that can only be bought with Smurfberries his hut is build instantly, Tailor Smurf is stationary like Greedy Smurf, Miner Smurf, … and does not walk around the village.

The individual Smurf Hats have to be bought with Coins before they can be used on the Smurfs, there price ranges from 100 Coins for the Baseball Cap up to 50,000 Coins for the Magic Hat. Every hat can only be used on one Smurf, for example if you want to dress 10 Smurfs with a Cowboy Hat you have to buy at least 10 Cowboy Hats from Tailor Smurf. The following is a list of all available hats and their prices:

ImagesHat type

Prices (gold coins)

XP for the PurchaseXP per 1 Coin
Baseball Cap 100400.4
Snorkel 10002800.28
Cowboy Hat9002500.27
Feather Headband 4 0008000.2
Football Helmet 20 00020000.1
Jester Cap 250900.36
Aviator Hat1 5004000.26
Winter Hat6 00010000.16
Party Hat25006000.24
Pirate Hat30 00025000.08
Graduation Cap12 00015000.12
Alpine Hat5001500.3
Top Hat8 50012000.14
Magic Hat50 00030000.06

To buy a hat from Tailor Smurf, simply click on his hut and a list with all available hats will appear. A number at the bottom of the thumbnail of the hat shows how many of that kind have already been purchased.

To make a Smurf wear a hat, you have to click on a Smurf inside the village while being in Tailor Smurf’s Hat Mode and the Inventory window will pop up. This only happens if you touch a Smurf that is not currently working. Although once they have gotten a new headwear they will always wear it, even when they are working, to add a new hat or to change one, the Smurf in question can not be busy at the time.

With this feature Tailor offers the chance to make your worker smurf individual creatures, so they don’t all look alike anymore, but there are no additional XP or Coins gained from adding Tailor to the village, this is simply an aesthetically feature.

To buy a hat from Tailor Smurf, simply click on his hut and a list with all available hats will appear. A number at the bottom of the thumbnail of the hat shows how many of that kind have already been purchased.

Hat Mode

The User Interface Bug with Tailor’s Inventory (See below) has been fixed in version 1.1.2. Now there is a “Hat Mode” similar to the move mode that lets you dress the Smurfs with Tailors Hats without interfering with the normal mode of the game.

There are two ways to access this hat mode, either click on the “Build Icon” (the littler hammer) at the bottom right of the village and then on the button next to the camera at the top (the one with the yarn and the needle) or click on Tailor Smurfs Hut to access his hat inventory and click on the “yarn and needle” button at the bottom left from the inventory view. Once you are in the “Hat Mode” every time a Smurf is touched the Inventory pops up and lets you either choose a new hat for your Smurf or remove the headgear completely. Smurfs that are currently working, i. e. growing crops, watering flowers etc., cannot change their hats; you have to wait until they are done.

Tailor Smurf Sale Bug (Valentines update 2012 “v.1.1.6”)

Thanks to Beeline who reduced Tailor Smurf’s price by 50% for the last weekend of January 2012.

The actual price of Tailor smurf is 30 smurfberries, theoretically if you take 50% off it will cost just 15 smurfberries. However it turned out that many players who have less than 30 smurfberries couldn’t purchase tailor smurf.

According to Beeline, Tailor Smurf promo bug was confirmed. He’s only 15 Smurfberries through the weekend, but you have to have 30 Smurfberries in the account to buy him. So if you have 30SB, Tailor will cost 15 Smurfberries and you’ll have 15 Smurfberries left. If you have less than 30SB you won’t be able to buy him.

Beeline has confirmed that they will put him on sale again once the bug has been fixed (most likely with the next update).

There are two forms of currency within the game, Smurfberries and Coins. Coins can basically be earned by planting crops and playing the mini-games that come with the special Smurfs. Every crop has to be bought with Coins (except Sarsaparilla, which costs 1 Smurfberry), but in return does not only give XP, but also Coins once it has been harvested. The Coins can then be used to buy new crops or other items.
The second form is a premium currency called Smurfberries, they can be used to instantly build items or harvest crops without having to wait the normal time until they are finished as well as buy items that are otherwise not available for Coins (like Smurfette). There is only a limited amount of Smurfberries that one can get for free, to get more Smurfberries they have to be bought as in-app purchase, the price ranges from 4,99 $ for 50 up to 99$ for 2000 Smurfberries (3,99 up to 79,99 in EUR). At the beginning of the game the user gets three Smurfberries as a present from Jokey for free and even though Jokey gives one present per day from that moment on, it is very rarely that he gives away a Smurfberry. Another way to get Smurfberries without having to pay for them is to level up, for the first ten levels every time a new level is reached one Smurfberry is added to the user’s current amount of Smurfberries, for the next ten levels two Smurfberries are added and from level 20 onward every new level comes with three free Smurfberries.

All of the available mushroom houses can accommodate up to three Smurfs. Once a house has been build a new Smurf will come back from the forest and enter the village to live there.

Taping on the house opens a window on the right-hand side of the display, at the bottom of that is an upgrade button (only available from level 9 onwards after Handy Smurf’s Mushroom house has been build).

The first upgrade costs 500 Coins and visually adds doorsteps to the house and now two Smurfs can live in it.

A third upgrade adds another Smurf to the village, this one is available for 4 Smurfberries and hence the maximum number of Smurfs being able to live in a house is three. This upgrade adds an attic and a laundry line to the mushroom house.

If more Smurfs are needed there is also an option in the Smurfberry-Shop to buy a new Smurf for 5 Smurfberries without the need to provide him with lodgings.