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Updated on: Apr, 09, 2014Updated on: Apr 15, 2014

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Beeline has just released more screenshots about the upcoming smurfs village update 1.4.1, this time one of the screenshots focuses on magician smurf and his hut. we don’t have more details about how mush will be available or what he can offer to the village, but for sure that the magician smurf  will bring magic to the smurfs village. In the last screenshot we received from Beeline, it shows  like a crowd of smurfs gathered next to the magician hut and waiting to watch his show. Magician Smurf will have his own hut and companion stage to keep your Smurfs entertained in the iOS version 1.4.1 update!

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Barber Smurf It seems like Beeline are going to introduce a new character to the smurf village, this time is Barber smurf. It is not clear what  Barber Smurf will offer to the village, despite there are very limited number of smurfs that actually have hair to cut.  Apart from  Barber smurf who will be featured in the main icon of  this update, there will be land expansions in both the mainland and in the island. Also  new colorful floor dance tiles will be added to add happiness to the smurfs. The game will be live any time next week  for iOS players once Apple team approves it (Android update will follow up later). Read More→

smurf rides1There have been several new park inspired décor items added to Smurfs’ Village over the past few updates. These ride and playground themed decorations give players ample opportunity to build a Smurftastic park for smurfs and smurflings alike to enjoy. Some players have tiny parks while others have constructed magnificent playground wonderlands. The size and layout design is totally up to you. Whether small or grand the local smurfs will love having a new place to frolic and unwind in. Read More→

trampoline-in-smurf-villageRecently beeline is introducing outdoor playground items for players to make their smurfy entertainment zone. Using these items to decorate the village but also they generate a good money and XP if they are arranged close to the sandbox. One of the most attractive entertainment items that the smurfs enjoy it is the Trampoline.
The trampoline was not  made available for sale  in the Smurfs village shop yet  but instead was made for sale for few hours as an promotional  offer. The cost of  the trampoline is 30 smurfberries, although it sounds expensive  but the attractive part of is Smurfs love to jump on this trampoline and they have a real fun as depicted in the image below: Read More→

With the latest version (version 1.2.1 on iOS) it is now possible to grow fruits on the island, similar to growing fruits on the mainland.

The fruits are grown on the palm trees. From version 1.2.4 (iOS) and 1.1.2a (Android) onwards it is now possible to move, delete and buy palm tress.

To move a palm tree, simply go into move mode and click on the base of the tree. This will not work if a fruit is currently being grown on it. The palm trees have a “soft” move field, meaning the move field and the space required to place them is rather large while moving it, but afterwards other items (like flowers, other palm trees, etc.) can be placed close to the base of the tree and are not limited by the space the palm required for placing it.

These trees can, unlike the shrubs on the mainland, not be bought from the shop nor moved. That means there is only a limited number of palms available that can be used for growing them. At the moment the maximum number is of available palm trees is nine (with all island land expansions).

To grow a fruit, simply tap on the base of the palm tree and just like with the normal crops a menu will pop open with all available crops.

There are two ways to get the seeds for the fruits unlocked, either by buying “Wild Smurf” for 30 Smurfberries and placing his hut on the island or by getting the seeds as gifts from friends/neighbours.

Just as with the flower seeds, once a seed has been given or Wild Smurf has been bought, giving that seed as a gift to the neighbour once again does not do anything.

The following fruits are available at the moment:

Coin Earnings

Banana (requires Wild Smurf)
24 hours39018072108

24 hours2871136350

Acai Berries
12 hours182744133

18 hours236945242

Oil Fruit
36 hours3661589959

The fruits grown on the palms can be harvested before they are finished, but then they will not give the whole XP/Coins Value. Clicking on a palm tree on which a fruit is growing shows the current value.

With Wild Smurf it is also possible to use “Harvest All” and “Plant All” on the fruits, for more information see the article on “Wild Smurf”.

A friend/neighbour can once per day help out on one palm tree by clicking on the watering sign. This will increase the value of the fruit. If a friend has helped out on the tree a sign will appear above the tree (see picture on the right side).