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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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pirate_official_iconFor the second time in history, and we don’t know exactly why this has happened, the Android Pirate Update Version 1.3.8a has gone live before the iOS version.

Important features of this update include:

  • Pirate Smurf has invaded the island – Are your Smurfs ready for the high seas?

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In the Smurfs village  Gutsy Smurf Update (version 1.4.50 for Apple / 1.3.2A for Android) added a shrub fertilizer to the game. Once it has been purchased for 4.49 EUR (or the equivalent in other currencies) from the build menu and placed in the village it will not only double the amount of XP (and Coins) given out by the Magic Shrubs but also reduce their harvest time to half.
The Shrub fertilizer works in every area that has magic shrubs, that is in the mainland and the mountain. It also works on the newly added magic shrubs in space.
This bonus is given on top of all other bonuses, that is it works in cooperation with the XP Accelerator, so if that is placed in the village 10% (5% of the not upgraded Accelerator) of the complete amount the shrubs give out (including the bonus from the fertilizer) will be given when collecting it. Read More→

storage_critterWith the Easter 2013 update (Fireman Smurf, version 1.3.6 on iOS) the “At Character Limit” issue (see our Troubleshooting section for more information) has been resolved.

There is a character limit of 240 to 250 per area (mainland, island and mountain) in the game. The roaming critters like snails and caterpillars count towards that limit and can prevent the addition of more smurfs. This can now be corrected with the critter storage. Read More→

Today’s Beeline exclusive offer is to get as a bonus free Clockwork smurf if you buy the offered pack of Smurfberries. However you will not only get Clockwork smurfs available in the island only (which you will be able to get it ounce you collect all the bolts), but you will also get it in the main smurf village as well. According to beeline Clockwork will be available in the island automatically once you unlock Architect Smurf.   Clockwork smurf was already made available in such and exclusive offer previously, but most importantly to get these offer you need to get connected to internet. The offer is running for 30 minutes and it can pops up at any time.

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The recent holiday update 1.2.9 is loaded with festive autumn themed items for players to design a Smurftastic Thanksgiving in their village. New items like the Thanksgiving Banquet Table, Corn Bushel, Gourds, Fingerprint Turkeys, Plush Turkey, and Wheat Bushel, Barrel full of Apples, Candles, Flowerpots, and Dandelions make it easy to create a very rustic feast for all of your smurfs to enjoy. Players have their main village as well as their island to set up special holiday feasts. This dual decorating opportunity leaves plenty of room for creativity as users design these traditional banquets against a tropical and wilderness setting. Read More→