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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Smurfberries

space_riversThe Space River was introduced with the Explorer Smurf Update (iOS version 1.4.9 and Android version 1.3.5.a).

The river tiles are available on the Swoof Planet. They work similar to paths, in that there are different tiles, like corners, intersections or straight river lines, available for placement.

Each part of the space river has to be bought individually. All of the space river parts cost Smurfberries, but after Explorer Smurf has been placed on the Swoof Planet the basic space river parts become available for coins (i.e. straight lines, corners or river end parts). The non-basic parts, like the intersections or the tunnel, will still cost Smurfberries (for more information about this and an overview of the coin prices of the space river tiles please read the Explorer Smurf article). Explorer Smurf costs “only” 30 Smurfberries, which means it is worth it to by him when more than a few river parts are to be placed. Read More→

 smurfcopterAs one of the unique promotional items was  added  recently to the smurfs village is  the Smurfcopter. The copter comes in the  daily exclusive offers you that pops up on your screen  for 30 minutes.   You only get the Smurfcopter if you buy the smurfberries barrel which contains 350 unit and costs $24.99, where you will get the the chopper as a bonus.  The cute wooden copter lifts off the ground spins and sets back down-same spot.Despite this exclusive items it seems expensive, but there is no doubt that it very cute  item. Many people got this offer on different times, so if you didn’t get the offer now you will get it anytime soon.
In order to get this offer make sure to connect to the internet. Read More→

The addition of Gutsy Smurf, from the Smurfs and the Smurfs 2 movies, has been a popular demand from players of the game and Beeline has now added him and his hut to the mainland village.
Gutsy Smurfs Hut can be purchased for 30 Smurfberries from the build menu. He is available for the mainland and comes with his own mini-game. Gutsy Smurf is stationary and does not walk around the village, that means he also does not count towards the character limit.

Gutsy Smurfs Mini-Game

Gutsy Smurfs Mini-Game is a Berry Picking game. During a set time period the player has to pick up ripe berries and place them in a basket before they fall down. The dark lilac berries give out 10 points, the light lilac berries are not yet ripe and only give 1 point. If a brown berry is placed in the basket it will not give any points. On a rare occasion it is also possible to pick up a red berries, they reward Smurfberries. Read More→

The Smurfette Space Update (version 1.4.4. on iOS) added Farmer Smurfs Moon Buggy to the Swoofs Planet.
His moon buggy is available for 25 Smurfberries and requires Farmer Smurf to be placed in the mainland. It works just as his tractor on either the island or mountain and allows the harvest of multiple crops at the same time.
If Farmer Smurf on the mainland has been upgraded to include the Plant All feature it will also automatically be available for his moon buggy. Read More→

unnamedSmurfs Village 1.3.0a  is out now for Android Players

Version 1.3.0a for Android is now available for download just three days behind the iOS update Version 1.4.3.

In this update, Sculptor Smurf has joined the clan. Many features and decorations items were added to the game in particular to the space. The new features added according to Beeline are “Sculptor Smurf Goes to Space in a Rewarding New Update! – Meet Sculptor Smurf and place his space hut to cut crater cool down times in half! – Build sparkling space sculptures that give out daily XP rewards” Read More→