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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Smurfette

Smurfette's Princess TowerSmurfette’s Princess Tower was introduced with the latest version of the game.

After the introduction of King Smurf and his castle to the mountain it was just a matter of time before the Smurf’s would make Smurfette their princess.

The Explorer Smurf update includes the tower. It can be build on the mountain. Smurfette’s Princess Tower is available for 10 Smurfberries but requires her houses to be built on the mainland and mountain area.

The tower builds instantly and will increase the XP reward given out by Smurfette’s “Swooning Game”. With Smurfette’s Princess Tower she will now give 500 XP to every Smurf close to her. Read More→

smurfs village 1.44Beeline has just released a new version of The Smurfs village game in the same day as the iOS 7 was released. If you are confused whether The Smurfs Village app will work on iOs 7 or not, Beeline has confirmed  that  this  update is compatible with iOS 7. With regards to the update content itself, many features  were added to the space. In particular Smurfette, which is featured in the game icon in this update, she can now travel to the space. In addition to Handy and farmer which will also can make to the space with Smurfette in order  to give the Swoof planet a smurfy flavor by customizing huts and planting new crops.

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smurf_smurfette_mountain_homeWith the latest version of the game (version 1.3.4 on iOS, 1.2.2a on Android, Smurfette Mountain update), Smurfette can now also travel to the mountains to visit Grandpa and the other Smurfs living there.
Smurfette’s Mountain Home can be build for 35 Smurfberries and once it has been placed Smurfette automatically comes to the mountains.
On the Mountains she gives out kisses to nearby Smurfs every couple of hours for a XP bonus of 25 XP for every Smurf that is in range. This works just like it does on the mainland.
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Smurfette's stone StatueSmurfette’s stone Statue is made  for sale in the smurfs village  for limited time only (for 8 hours). The statute’s price is  20 smurfberries and is available in both the main village and in the island.  Smurfette’s statue can be used for decoration as well as to generate XP (experience points) as it’s described by beeline that “This lovely Statue will give you XP every few hours”. Apparently it generates 150 XP every few hours.

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A new artistic  promotional Smurfette’s stone Statue was made available for sale for limited time in the smrfs village.  According to Beeline description, “One of Smurfette’s admirers crafted this statue. Smurfette’s stone statue “.  It costs 20 smurfberries and is  made available in both the  island and  the main smurfs village.  As all promotional items,  this offer is only available for 24 hours and there is no guaranty to see it again.  Smurfette’s stone Statue gives you 150 XP  daily. Read More→