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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Hit the Dance FloorIn the latest update 1.3.8 of Smurfs’ Village a handful of cool new items have been added to the shop. One of the most impressive of these décor items are the colorful dance floor tiles that players can add to their village. Each individual tile costs 20 Smurfberries and grants players with 250 experience points when placed. Tiles also yield a generous 350 XP every 12 hours. Each item lights up and come in vivid orange, lilac purple, lime green, ruby red, pastel blue, bright yellow, and bubble gum pink. Create a small or large dance floor for your smurfs to get their party on. Players can watch their smurfs step onto the platform and do a little dance. Place tiles in a high traffic area near crop fields for a full blown extravaganza. Each tile will attract one smurf ready to boogie down. It’s a very cute addition to any village. Read More→

smurfs21This July, Columbia/Sony Pictures are releasing ‘The Smurfs 2’ movie in theaters. In this smurftastic sequel the evil wizard Gargamel is back to his old tricks but this time around he’s enlisted some peculiar help. After casting a spell to create two smurf creatures in efforts to gain the magical smurf-essence, he later discovers that his plan won’t work.  Although, they resemble smurfs they’re aligned with evil making them naughties instead of true smurfs. Only a real smurf can unlock the magical essence that he desperately seeks. So, when Gargamel finds out that Smurfette knows a powerful spell that can turn a naughties into real smurfs he concocts a new devious plan. Sending naughties Vexy and Hackus to kidnap Smurfette and bring her to Paris. The duo befriends her and attempts to turn her naughty, so she’ll side with them and ultimately cast the spell to make them real smurfs. It’s now up to Papa, Clumsy, Grouchy, and Vanity Smurf to return to our time and find their human friends Patrick and Grace Winslow to help them rescue Smurfette before it’s too late. Read More→

XP_acceleratorThe XP Accelerator was added in the Easter 2013 update for the game (iOS version 1.3.6, Fireman update).

The XP accelerator is only available for real currency (9.99 USD and an additional 7.99 USD for the upgrade). When bought and placed the XP accelerator gives a bonus of 5% to all XP that are collected. For an additional 7.99 USD the accelerator can be upgraded and will then reward 10% bonus XP. Read More→

trampoline-in-smurf-villageRecently beeline is introducing outdoor playground items for players to make their smurfy entertainment zone. Using these items to decorate the village but also they generate a good money and XP if they are arranged close to the sandbox. One of the most attractive entertainment items that the smurfs enjoy it is the Trampoline.
The trampoline was not  made available for sale  in the Smurfs village shop yet  but instead was made for sale for few hours as an promotional  offer. The cost of  the trampoline is 30 smurfberries, although it sounds expensive  but the attractive part of is Smurfs love to jump on this trampoline and they have a real fun as depicted in the image below: Read More→

Doctor Smurf’s animal sanctuary has been somewhat neglected by Beeline over the past several updates. In version 1.3.2 the extended area of the game is showed a little TLC. The land is automatically expanded giving users triple the space to build habitats to tend to the forest’s local furry critters. The sanctuary is a great way to accumulate tons of XP if used properly. Players that take advantage of this area should be able to increase their daily experience points with minimal effort.

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