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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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After its great success with iOs devices, and after a long wait, finally Smurfs village game app has been released this week for Android platform. As most of Beeline/Capcom products, Smurfs village App is only available on Canadian Android Market at the moment, but it will be available for the rest of the world in the next coming weeks According to Beeline. [pullquote]Smurfs’ Village for Android is now live in Canada on select devices. The worldwide Android launch is coming soon. Beeline[/pullquote]

The current vision of Smurfs village App (SmurfsAndroid) which was classified under “Casual” Category in Android Market is free to download and it requires Android 2.2 version and up in order to work.

The game now will operate   on selected Android based mobile phones and tablets, but since the game was just launched, crushes and bugs are expected until more stable versions will be released.

 There are two crop packs available that will unlock three different kinds of crops each. Before these crops can be planted, the crop pack has to be purchased with either Smurfberries or Coins.

The Summer Salad Crop Pack includes crops for radishes, lettuce and green pepper and can be bought for 4,000 Coins. To buy this crop pack the village has to be at least on level 11. The first crop (radishes) unlocks immediately, the other two are unlocked at a higher level.

The Fruity Fun Crop Pack includes crops for grapes, pineapples and cantaloupes and is available from level 17 onwards. It can only be purchased with Smurfberries and costs 20 Berries. The first crop (grapes) unlocks immediately after the purchase, the other two crops are unlocked at a later level.

The Smurf’s Village App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch brings back the flair of ones childhood after we dive back into the world of those little blue creatures.

The game starts with introducing us to the backstory; Gargamel finally found the village of the Smurfs and destroyed it. Now all of the Smurfs are scattered into the forest and Papa gives the player the mission to rebuild the village, because the more mushroom houses are built, the more Smurfs can return from the forest to live in the new village.

But to make them stay in the village, the player does not only have to build houses for them, but also provide them with food. Therefore for every one of the little creatures in the village a garden can be build and used to grow food for them.

At the beginning of the game the player starts with one mushroom house for a worker smurf, the normal smurfs, Papa Smurfs Hut and a garden as well as 300 Coins. The first task given is to build a garden, grow blueberries and harvest them as soon as they are ready and the worker smurf has finished growing them.

On every level the player can build exactly one new mushroom house, so the goal of the game is to level up and build as many houses for the Smurfs as possible. This is achieved by earning XP (experience points), once a certain amount of XPs has been gathered, the player reaches the next level and a new mushroom house can be build. Moreover, generally with a new level also comes a new item (i.e. a bridge, a pond, flowers, etc.) that is unlocked and can henceforth be used to decorate the village. At first the amount of XP needed to reach the next level is fairly low, but with each level it increases and it becomes more difficult to level up.

Compatible only with: iPhone, iPod touch iPad  with iOS 3.0 or later. Android version is now available for selected devices.