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Updated on: November 18, 2014Updated on: November 19, 2014

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blacksmith_iconShortly after the release of Blacksmith Smurf  update for Apple platform, today beeline has also release the update for Android players. This new  update  was were welcomed by Apple players, and we wish you will like it also. Initially there was no   bugs complains by the players  and we hope it will run for you smoothly on your devices.
So waht’s new in this update according to Beeline:
• Add Blacksmith Smurf to the Mountain and craft magnificent creations including Golden Armors a Metal Minotaur, Excalibur and more!
• Complete Smurfy sets with Homnibus’ Smurf Tome and unlock Smurfy crystal statues that give daily rewards. Read More→

Peacock Resource bundleToday Beeline has launched an other cool exclusive offer in the smurfs village game. The offer consists of    of 100 smurfberries and you will get in addition a Peacock Resource bundle as a bonus. The bundle consists of a Peacock  which yo uwill add it to your zoo and some resouces i.e 75 Dye , 250 stone , 250 wood, 25 star dust. In addition and you will earn two tokens for your VIP status (tha will help you to unlock VIP store later on). Peacock Resource bundle, costs $10 (£ 6.99) and will remain for 30 minutes. Read More→

smurfs-village-1.4.7_Smurf-ClownNot long after the Thanksgiving update Beeline has released a new Smurfs village update (probably the last update before the Christmas update), version 1.4.7 for iOS and for Android. This time it features Clown smurf, who brings a lot of fun to the village.  The update was made available for both platforms (Android and Apple iOS)
According to Beeline the changes are:
– Place Clown Smurf’s new Carnival Hut and play classic mini games to earn tickets you can trade in for smurftastic prizes!
– Stage a smurftacular magic show with Magician Smurf’s new saw a Smurf in half trick and earn extra dye per day!
– Harvest all your swoofy space shrubs at once with the Magic Space Shrub Harvester or upgrade to plant all too!
– Earn VIP status to unlock the new Stork to travel instantly between the four different village areas
– Discover new mystery eggs and seeds on the Swoof Planet and see what they’ll reveal
– Place the amazing floating Space Hammock or watch the Smurfs flip out on the new Snowboard ramp! Read More→

NannyHello fellow Smurfs, we just have some flash news about the upcoming update . Today in an official statement posted by  Beeline in their Facebook page they announced that Nanny Smurf is the next special Smurf to join the Smurf’s Village team. Nanny Smurfs comes with her own hut to start knitting smurftastic and colorful decorations for your village, so get ready  for this winter. We don’t know when this update will be released but we assume to be released anytime soon.  please stay tuned for more updates . Read More→

The Crystal Grinder was a popular request from players who had reached their crystal storage limit and did not know what to do with all of their crystals.

It can be bought for 9.99 USD in the build menu on the mountain and after it has been placed it is possible to exchange up to 50 crystals per day for XP.

The crystal grinder can only be used once every 24 hours even if at that day not the total of 50 crystals has been exchanged.

After clicking on the grinder a window will open up to chose how many and what kind of crystals should be used. Afterwards for each crystal that has been grinded a bonus of 2000 XP is rewarded. That means the crystal grinder offers up to 100.000 XP per day. Read More→