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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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One of the most traditional Cheats in time dependent games is the so called “Time Cheat’’, where the players will be able to change time in order to speed or slow up the game events.

Likewise   in Smurfs’ village Game  “Time Cheat” has been proven to work perfectly, so by changing the time forward with couple of taps on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch,  the players  will be able to get their crops, fruits and vegetables ready instantly and don’t have to  wait long time. [pullquote]

… there are penalties for manipulating the device clock. Beeline[/pullquote]

Growing the crops instantly could be done legally using  Smurfberries which you need to pay for them real money.  Therefore Capcom had to put an end to it, so what were their actions?

Firstly, they warned the Cheaters either by popping up an alert message upon launching the game as ““BAD DEVICE TIME”, or  via a message  via Papa Smurf, whenever he detects changes in time,  in which   Papa Smurf will  tell you, “I’m disappointed you have been overworking the Smurfs by changing your clock be careful or your Smurfs will leave the village”.

This message was seen in the earlier updates as a just as a friendly message from papa Smurf to scare the cheaters, however, in the recent updates  (1.1.1 upwards) , few  actions were indeed added to the game; where many people have noticed that are not getting gifts from Jokey and their snails and caterpillars were not producing any XP.

Initially was thought that the punishment was extremely sever as they wont get gifts form Jokey for weeks or months, but it turned out today that the penalties will take up to a week   according to Beeline.

Beeline has mentioned today in one of their support boards that: “… there are penalties for manipulating the device clock. The severity of the penalty and length depend on how often we catch a player changing the clock. Worst case, the game usually goes back to normal in a week or so.”

So in conclusion that   Beeline-Capcom (producer/ developer) are aware with this cheat and they have started to fight it, so be carful it may lead to a future ban for those who over use this cheats.

Beeline has announced this week a release of a new update, which will take a place on late July or Early August.

According to Beeline, the new update covers the following points:

– New magic Shrubs that grow crops and never wither are added
– A much requested “Plant All” upgrade for Farmer Smurf
– 2 crop packs with 3 new crops each
– 3 farm themed decorative items
– Added Levels 37 & 38
– A paid land expansion
– Some cosmetic changes to the beach are made
– The tailor Smurf UI issue is fixed
– Finally, a bunch of bug fixes and overall stability improvements are made.

Full details about the update will be published later.

Here you go,  beach,  sea, sand and sun  version has been released today.  According to Beeline/Capcom  this  1.1.1 update  adds some beachfront property to Smurfs’ Village along with level 36 which was added, more quests and a bunch of beach items!


So what’s new in this version:

– Free beach expansion (More Land!)
– Level 36 added
– Clumsy Smurf added
– Quests for level 20-35
– New summer items (Beach chair, beach blanket, sandcastle, conch, seashells, starfish
– New hats in Tailor Smurf’s hut (Snorkel, sunglasses)
– New critter (Crab)

Gargamel found the Smurfs’ village and scattered the Smurfs far and wide. With Papa Smurf’s guidance, it’s up to you to build a new village for the Smurfs to call home.

Based on the original cartoon and comic art, players begin the game with only a single mushroom house and a lone plowed plot of land. From there, things quickly progress, allowing players to build specialized houses, elaborate gardens with colorful crops, bridges to span running rivers, trodden paths, and more.

The Smurf’s Village App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch brings back the flair of ones childhood after we dive back into the world of those little blue creatures.

The game starts with introducing us to the backstory; Gargamel finally found the village of the Smurfs and destroyed it. Now all of the Smurfs are scattered into the forest and Papa gives the player the mission to rebuild the village, because the more mushroom houses are built, the more Smurfs can return from the forest to live in the new village.

But to make them stay in the village, the player does not only have to build houses for them, but also provide them with food. Therefore for every one of the little creatures in the village a garden can be build and used to grow food for them.

At the beginning of the game the player starts with one mushroom house for a worker smurf, the normal smurfs, Papa Smurfs Hut and a garden as well as 300 Coins. The first task given is to build a garden, grow blueberries and harvest them as soon as they are ready and the worker smurf has finished growing them.

On every level the player can build exactly one new mushroom house, so the goal of the game is to level up and build as many houses for the Smurfs as possible. This is achieved by earning XP (experience points), once a certain amount of XPs has been gathered, the player reaches the next level and a new mushroom house can be build. Moreover, generally with a new level also comes a new item (i.e. a bridge, a pond, flowers, etc.) that is unlocked and can henceforth be used to decorate the village. At first the amount of XP needed to reach the next level is fairly low, but with each level it increases and it becomes more difficult to level up.

Compatible only with: iPhone, iPod touch iPad  with iOS 3.0 or later. Android version is now available for selected devices.