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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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In the game Smurfs’ Village, players earn experience points also referred to as XP or EXP for completing various quests and tasks.  Experience point systems are used in most role-playing games to measure players’ progress. In order to level up or advance a specific number of points must be accumulated.  Although some games allow users to create their own characters to level up individually, Smurfs Village takes a slightly different approach.  Each player’s main objective is to build and expand their village. Starting off with a small empty field, users have to construct mushroom homes, set up gardens, and decorate. Instead of a custom character, it’s the village that has to be leveled up. The majority of the gameplay involves tackling special quests that aid in the construction of your town while assisting Papa Smurf on his personal mission to protect the village from the wicked Gargamel.

As player’s progress the amount of experience points required in order to level up increases. First time players only need 50 XP to advance to the next level. After level 6 those low numbers quickly jumps towards the thousands and higher, sometimes tripling. At its core experience points are everything. Currently the highest level in the game is 45 which require a whopping 29,978,334 experience points to reach.  Luckily, most of the tasks performed in the game generate XP.

The secret to playing Smurfs’ Village is to complete as many high XP generating tasks as possible each day. Completing Papa Smurf’s quests, harvesting crops, placing decorations, sailing on voyages, receiving gifts, and even playing mini-games earn experience points. Never neglect any of Papa Smurf’s quest they often reward large amounts of experience points upon completion. Strategically planting and harvesting crops like corn, onions, lettuce, pumpkin, and magical berries when possible to boost your experience points potential. Snails, caterpillars, large flower patches, and stone pathways are also good XP items to use to decorate your village.

When you’ve reached level 19 and unlocked your island take advantage of the voyage system. Sending smurfs on trips always produce XP.  Becoming a good neighbor by frequently gifting will usually result in your pals doing the same act of kindness for you. Flower pot gifts with 400 XP can really add up for players with a lot of generous friends. While waiting on crops to ripen play some of the mini-games like the Miner’s or Potion Mixing game to earn a few quick points. These methods are only a handful of techniques. Remember accumulating EXP is essential in order to create a prosperous village.

The chart below made courtesy of our friend and fellow Smurf Expert Leonard Campbell displays the required amounts of XP necessary to reach each level in the game :

In the new 1.1.7 update of Smurfs’ Village players at level 19 or higher are introduced to Dreamy Smurf and the S.S. Smurf II ship. Once unlocked, users are able to travel to a remote island where they can start a second village. Although these additions to the game are extremely exciting it will require a large amount of coins and time in order to start your own smurf island. This guide will help you in the process of transitioning from the mainland to the tropics.

Whether you’re beyond level 19 or nowhere close, it’s important to prepare early. Everything on the Island will cost twice as much including select crops. Players need a minimum of 50,000 coins before venturing into the high seas. I started out with a little over 56,000 coins and regretted not having more. Boost income by growing short length crops that have higher coin profits. A few good crops that quickly earn for less are raspberries, blackberries, and brussel sprouts. Blueberries are a time-tested favorite for generating free coins. When you’re actively playing try to plant as many as you can. Another excellent method to attain wealth is by growing golden corn. Anyone who has purchased the harvest wagon in the Smurf Shop will have access to this specialty crop. Golden corn yields a 154 coin profit per plot. It takes 10 hours to ripen allowing players the opportunity to plant them twice a day. Special items like the wishing well and clothes line are also considered great extras to have when accumulating coins.

Papa Smurf will be delegating several long winded quests in order to stumble across Dreamy Smurf and set up the island. For players who hate to wait days to complete a task I recommend investing in a bushel of 50 Smurfberries to speed up the process of setting up your island. It’s not necessary, though. Coins and patience will suffice. In the beginning of this epic quest players will have to continuously send out smurfs to search deep within the forest. The first time they will spot the S.S. Smurf II, and then a search party is sent to find Dreamy Smurf. After the arrival of Dreamy Smurf, he’ll adventure off on a few solo trips and find angry sea turtles. Users are asked to play the Miner’s Mini-Game to gather some metal for a compass. It takes a couple more trips before the Island is finally found. Once located, Papa Smurf, Captain Dreamy, and Brainy Smurf will hop aboard the S.S. to visit the island. A quick tap on the ship starts the voyage.

The first task on the empty isle is to add a smurf hut. Go ahead and plant several. You’ll need the smurfs later. Adding garden plots to allow farming is next. Similar to when you first started out in Smurfs’ Village space on the island is limited. Players begin with a small area of grassland and sand that can be expanded as they progress.  An integral part of island life is exploring. Many of the quests will require players to send their smurfs out to explore the sea and search for supplies. Papa Smurf will request users to build a rafting hut and to send out a raft. Multiple rafts can be owned but it requires players to upgrade their raft hut. Although the hut only costs 400 coins to build, to upgrade it takes 10,000 coins and the price doubles each time. It’s wise to have at least two rafts or more at your disposal since quests will often come from multiple smurfs that might need to set sail.

While strolling through the tropical paradise, Slouchy and Brainy Smurf will make the decision to move to the island. The next few quests will involve building their homes and harvesting crops. The crops are slightly different. New varieties like Eggplant and Honeydew require longer growth periods and are more expensive, but they generate high amounts of XP. Players will need about 20-22 garden plots when starting their island. Harvesting quests are often for celebrations or parties like a BBQ.

Remember, your main village will still have quests and need upkeep. A tap on the S.S. Smurf II ship will take players back and forth between both smurf locales. This new feature will require users to continually build and manage both villages. Papa Smurf, Dreamy Smurf, and Brainy Smurf will be commuting. The population on the island is counted separate from the main village. Players have to slowly re-populate the island as they expand it. A player’s level, coins, XP, and Smurfberries stay the same.

When you have a handful of mushroom homes, a decent size garden going, and at least two rafts connected to your hut your island is well on its way.

According to Beeline’s development team, Smurfs’ Village will not be one of those games that simply fade off into the abyss of outdated apps. They’ve been working on addressing a few notorious bugs and plan on adding some exciting new content to keep gamers challenged within the coming months.

Although a major overhaul of the game is expected sometime in the spring, players can expect a seasonal Valentine’s Day update very soon. So, prepare to unleash your inner hopeless romantic because February 14th is right around the corner. Judging by the released icon of Smurffette holding cupid’s arrow romance will definitely be the center of attention in the new update.  Love-inspired items, gifts, and special quests will be available along with a few corrections from the previous 1.1.5 version of the game. Watering neighbors’ flowers may become quicker and easier as well as a possible level cap increase.

Beeline Interactive Inc. has been listening to user’s feedback and plan to integrate a variety of cool features to Smurfs’ Village while fixing some of the common glitches that players often encounter. They’re considering implementing the same format used in Snoopy’s Street Fair which allows users to add friends directly without navigating through Facebook or Game Center. This small but important change will make managing neighbors more convenient.  For players that find it difficult to connect with others on Game Center or just dislike using multiple applications when playing a game will appreciate this option.

Players may also notice that their scenery will significantly expand. Not only are more expansions expected to become available but the view of your friends’ villages will reach beyond the fallen logs. For those users who like to explore or be noisy this is a dream come true. In the last update snow was introduced as an effect. Users will begin to see other weather patterns such as rain appearing in their village. Path visibility while in the move mode is being addressed as well in the upcoming release.

The gifting system is promised to be improved by a host of new higher value XP items. Currently the blue mushroom containing 300XP and the potted flower with a whopping 400 XP are the highest valued gifts that users can pass on to their friends.  More levels, challenging quests, and new beloved Smurf characters will emerge in 2012.

Beeline interactive team has just released the first update of Smurfs’ village game  for the iOS devices for  this year 2012. The update this time is just a performance  update in which  the Christmas theme is present.  According to Beeline you will get in this update:

  • Performance enhancements.
  • New orange decorations were added like orange mushroom, fence, bench, and flowers.
  • For those who lost Grouchy on Christmas quest, they will find him now.



The upcoming version 1.1.3 which was expected to be released on the first week of September has been delayed. According to beeline the new updates have been submitted to Apple last week and now they are waiting for Apple’s approval, which are expecting to be approved next week hopefully. Yet nothing was mentioned about Android updates.

In addition to that few screenshots of the upcoming update   have been released showing some new exiting stuff.  Although an additional level (level 39) was added, but no sign of the day and night cycle which was mentioned previously cannot be seen so far in the released Screenshots.

Preliminary vision of the new updates?

  • Obviously, a new level (level 39) will be added in this update.
  • New items will be added to the village such magic book stand, chest box, shovel, as a consequence more quest will be also added.  In addition a Beetle‑on‑leaf   will also be added to generate more XP.
  • Papa Smurf hut’s colour will be changed to beige and will look more magical with the stars roof.
  • Papa Smurf mini Game (Potion Game), will be also changed.
  • Gifting neighbours and friends system will be improved, where you be able to see who gets his/her gif and who doesn’t , and when it’s time to gift, and probably to rate them.