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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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The Smurfs’ village game is based on generating money (coins)  or premium currency (Smurfberries),  and buying items in order to build and decorate  your village, previously we highlighted previously different ways to get Free Smurfberries, however, today we want to highlight a tip on how to use your  sand box to make large amounts of coins since few players asked how… our admin Hippy Smurf has writtern this tip for you below:  Read More→

Smurfs ‘ Village has been updated to version  1.3.8.  New mountain and village area decorations are the main content, as well as game enhancements.


Barber Smurf has been added. Build his hut on the Mountain for him to appear. He costs 25 Smurfberries.

Tap Grandpa Smurf to start a short haircut sequence. Barber Smurf will give you 500xp and 4 dye every 24 hours. Being able to earn dye regularly is very helpful. Read More→

Doctor Smurf’s animal sanctuary has been somewhat neglected by Beeline over the past several updates. In version 1.3.2 the extended area of the game is showed a little TLC. The land is automatically expanded giving users triple the space to build habitats to tend to the forest’s local furry critters. The sanctuary is a great way to accumulate tons of XP if used properly. Players that take advantage of this area should be able to increase their daily experience points with minimal effort.

Read More→

Smurf’s Village has been turned into a winter wonderland with its latest Christmas themed update. Players can go to Handy’s or Architect’s shop to add Christmas customizations to their huts. Instead of using the blueprint process users are able to directly purchase the designs for 2 Smurfberries each. Add red, green, blue, and gold strung lights onto mushroom huts for a beautiful festive display. Players also have other customization options to enhance their huts. Attach a Christmas chimney, window with lights, and special decorated door.  Users can play around with different combinations to create unique looking homes that stand out or coordinate with one another. Island huts can be customized with the same options as well. Read More→

The Animal Sanctuary  was a great addition to  the smurfs village game, which was introduced in  in the last update (version 1.2.6). It helps you to attract animals  like mice, rabbits,  Squirrels  as well as increase the XP earned. The Animal Sanctuary is very cheap it costs only 100 gold coins and you can easily get it from the shop. By placing Animal Sanctuary, you can keep different kinds of animals in it.

– Each animal gives you XPs every 8 hrs. As you have more animals, you will get more XPs. Read More→