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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Tulip

Latest Easter update (version 1.0.7) introduced new gardens where flowers can be grown and like crops they give XP (but no coins) and wilt after sometime. But there is also a new social-networking feature that prevents them from wilting. Once a flower is done and has given XP, a friend (i.e. a neighbour) can water them. If a friend visits the village and sees a water can sign above the flower gardens, taping them gives the flowers water. If this has happened, a water can sign will again appear above the flowers in the village and taping that makes a Smurf return to the flowers to water them and after their normal growing time they give XP again without the need to buy new seeds. If a flower has not been watered by a neighbour within the same time it took the flower to blossom it will wilt and has to be deleted. Planting new flowers is rather expensive, because they do not give coins back, so asking your friends to water the flowers is a good way to save coins.

The flower gardens are available at level 14 and cost 200 coins, some seeds come available later in the levels. If a seed can’t be used, but has the sign “Needs Seed” across the picture, it means this crop needs to be given by a friend as a gift before it is unlocked. Seeds, as soon as they have been grown and harvested once, can be given as gifts to neighbours. If a seed has been given once, the seed is unlocked and can from there on be used without restrictions. Some seeds have to be given as gifts to unlock (which ones is chosen randomly), as soon as this has happened, getting the same seed as gift for a second time does not do anything anymore. Buying Nat Smurfling unlocks all seeds immediately and they do not have to be given as gifts first anymore (although it is still necessary to reach the required level before using them).

Like the crops there has to be a Smurf available to water the flowers, if there is no Smurf available, they cannot be planted. The following is a list of available seeds, the required level, duration, the XP they give and their costs:

Red Roses60 Coins510 XP24 hoursLevel 14
Blue Roses60 Coins410 XP18 hoursLevel 16
Pink Roses60 Coins310 XP12 hoursLevel 18
White Daisies40 Coins490 XP24 hoursLevel 14
Pink Daisies40 Coins390 XP18 hours Level 16
Blue Daisies40 Coins290 XP12 hoursLevel 18
Red Chrysanthemums50 Coins500 XP24 hoursLevel 14
Purple Chrysanthemums50 Coins400 XP18 hours Level 16
Orange Chrysanthemums50 Coins300 XP12 hoursLevel 18
Orange Lilies75 Coins600 XP24 hoursNeeds Nat Smurf
Blue Lilies75 Coins350 XP12 hoursNeeds Nat Smurf
Blue Tulip100 Coins450 XP18 hoursLevel 20
Red Tulip100 Coins325 XP12 hours Level 24
Pink Tulip100 Coins250 XP8 hoursLevel 28