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Updated on: Jan 6, 2015Updated on: Jan 9, 2015

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Camper Smurf icon1Beeline has quickly reacted and released a new fix update of the Smurfs village game on Google Play after Android players came across a bug. The main reason for releasing this updated version is to fixe the  Garden Shop bug where Papa Smurf asks for crops that can only be unlocked by buying the garden shop. Many players were struggling to complete this quest earlier, however it seems that this issue is fixed now.  If you are android users and you were able to complete this quest let us konw. Read More→

Purple SmurfToday Beeline posted one intersting  image on their official Facebook page with no description. The image shows autumn’s red yellow and brown falling leaves in the Smurf Forest with few huts appear in the village. But what can be more noticed in the image is a purple fly, flies  towards  the village, which we think that’s the hint for next update.
If you don’t know about the purple fly, it is a carrier of a disease that infects Smurfs by biting them in the tail, and results in changing their colors into a purple and become Purple Smurfs. . Purple flies are usually rendered harmless when they inhale the pollen of a tuberose blossom, which makes them sneeze before turning blue. Read More→

smurfs village thief smurf update teasers 6We just received new screenshots of the next Smurfs village update which will introduce both Detective Smurf and Thief smurf to the game. so what you expect in the next update according to Beeline:
Detective and Thief smurfs: Detective smurf is on the trail of thief smurf in his fun new mini game
A new Fire Hydrant will be added and will allow Fireman Smurf to collect resources as well as XP. You will also unlock a furry Dalmatian pal in the store.
Police car: smurfs on the beat can cruise the village in their new squad car.
In addition new airplanes and boats will be added in the game. And more importantly as we mentioned in the previous article, the Mystical Great Oak Tree will be added also. The Sphinx bug has also been fixed in this coming update. Read More→

smurfs village detective smurfs and thief smurf update As you are expecting a new update anytime this week, two new smurfs will join the smurfs village this time. Detective smurf who usually  solves  mysteries,  as well as Thief Smurf who tends to steal other Smurfs’ stuff.  We do not have much details about the upcoming update, but it seems like Detective   and Thief Smurfs are part of a new mini game while you help detective to track down Thief smurf. In terms of content we recieved also an other screenshot which shows   The mystical great Oak wonder. This update seems very  interesting and it should be live anytime soon. We will update you as soon as we get more information. Read More→

Archiologist smurf updateShorlty after Archaeologist Smurf  update 1.4.2a was released for Apple iOs players, has been also released on Android platform.
We quote Beeline’s  official descrtioption of this update below:
We’ve dug up a lot of fun for the 1.4.2a update!• Add Archaeologist Smurf to the planet and excavate ancient alien relics and resources.
• Build the Swoofy Sphinx Wonder
• Unlock the secrets of the space pharaoh and add him to the planet.
• Place the throne and add Cleopatra Smurfette.
• Tons of ancient alien decorations. Read More→