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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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XP_acceleratorThe XP Accelerator was added in the Easter 2013 update for the game (iOS version 1.3.6, Fireman update).

The XP accelerator is only available for real currency (9.99 USD and an additional 7.99 USD for the upgrade). When bought and placed the XP accelerator gives a bonus of 5% to all XP that are collected. For an additional 7.99 USD the accelerator can be upgraded and will then reward 10% bonus XP. Read More→

baby deer in the smurfs villageA Baby deer  is offered  today as bonus items in the smurfs village  if you buy the pack  of smurfberries offered by Beeline.   The number of smufberries offered varies  from one player to  an other based on their historic purchase.  The offer is made available for only 30 minutes, but if you miss the sale for whatever reason you may come across it again in the near future.  Once you purchase the   baby deer you can place it anywhere in the smurfs village. This cute baby deer give you daily 150XP.  Surprisingly the offer  was launched for both Apple iOs users as well as Android one at the same time. Read More→

Village Goals are a new feature in the Smurfs’ Village game. This system allows players to earn Smurftastic rewards for completing various tasks. It’s very similar to an achievement system or the process of earning trophies in other games but instead players earn mushrooms. Each task must be done three times in a row to count as completed. Once a player reaches this status they will receive their prize. These bonus quests can vary. Make five customizations to Smurf Huts, build 40 huts for your smurfs, harvest 100 crops, play a mini-game, and find three items from your rafts. Most of the goals are relatively easy to do. Read More→

Smurfs Village orange potionSmurfs village players  who are using Apple iOS  devices and those who updated to the latest version 1.2.7,  are encountering a new issue with Grouch smurf’ new quest. This time the quest has nothing to do with Tulip flowers but instead to is to mix the orange potion. Players at different levels got a ” Rhymes with Orange Part ” quest  from Grouch asking them to mix the orange potion and will earn 2300 XP in return.  However it seems like most of the players are not able to complete the quest despite how many time they tried, as this is due to a glitch. At the moment there is no quick fix or solution to overcome this issue, therefore players are encouraged to ignore it at the moment. Beeline is aware with the problem and hopefully will be fixed in the next release.  Read More→

Beeline is continuously introducing new promotional items in the smurfs village, including animals, pets and other decoration items for smurfs village fans in order to decorate their villages and increase XP sources for faster leveling up.  This time Beeline has chose to introduce a new different animal than birds, which is playful otter. The offer was launch for 3 days (72 hours) and is limited items, which will only available for sale during this time and there is no guaranty to see it again. This cute playful otter costs 75 smurfberries and it gives you 1100XP upon the purchase and 500 XP twice a day. You can buy it on either the main Smurfs village or in the island. Read More→