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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for XP

Smurfette's Princess TowerSmurfette’s Princess Tower was introduced with the latest version of the game.

After the introduction of King Smurf and his castle to the mountain it was just a matter of time before the Smurf’s would make Smurfette their princess.

The Explorer Smurf update includes the tower. It can be build on the mountain. Smurfette’s Princess Tower is available for 10 Smurfberries but requires her houses to be built on the mainland and mountain area.

The tower builds instantly and will increase the XP reward given out by Smurfette’s “Swooning Game”. With Smurfette’s Princess Tower she will now give 500 XP to every Smurf close to her. Read More→

magic_space_shrubAfter many players wanted the Swoofs to be able to do more in space they have now gotten the ability to take care of magic shrubs.
The Magic Shrubs were added to the game with the Gutsy Smurf Update and despite their very different look (they come from a different planet after all) they work just like the magic shrubs on the mountain and in the mainland village.
The crops on the magic shrubs will never wilt, it does not matter how long the crops have been ready.
For each Swoof that lives on the space planet one magic shrub can be added to it. As the maximum number of Swoofs is currently 125 there is also a total of 125 Shrubs that can be purchased on the planet. Read More→

In the Smurfs village  Gutsy Smurf Update (version 1.4.50 for Apple / 1.3.2A for Android) added a shrub fertilizer to the game. Once it has been purchased for 4.49 EUR (or the equivalent in other currencies) from the build menu and placed in the village it will not only double the amount of XP (and Coins) given out by the Magic Shrubs but also reduce their harvest time to half.
The Shrub fertilizer works in every area that has magic shrubs, that is in the mainland and the mountain. It also works on the newly added magic shrubs in space.
This bonus is given on top of all other bonuses, that is it works in cooperation with the XP Accelerator, so if that is placed in the village 10% (5% of the not upgraded Accelerator) of the complete amount the shrubs give out (including the bonus from the fertilizer) will be given when collecting it. Read More→

The Crystal Grinder was a popular request from players who had reached their crystal storage limit and did not know what to do with all of their crystals.

It can be bought for 9.99 USD in the build menu on the mountain and after it has been placed it is possible to exchange up to 50 crystals per day for XP.

The crystal grinder can only be used once every 24 hours even if at that day not the total of 50 crystals has been exchanged.

After clicking on the grinder a window will open up to chose how many and what kind of crystals should be used. Afterwards for each crystal that has been grinded a bonus of 2000 XP is rewarded. That means the crystal grinder offers up to 100.000 XP per day. Read More→

The Magician Smurf updated (version 1.4.1 for iOS) added a new Smurfwalk Café to both the mainland  and the island. The café will give a daily reward of 500 XP once it has been placed in the smurfs village or in the island.
The café is available for 20 Smurfberries and also has several companion items available for coins. Each of those items, if placed close to the café, will increase the daily XP reward by 250 XP but only for a total of 2500 XP per day. Read More→