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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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At Character Limit


“At Character Limit” ! If you see this message, you have reached the maximum number of characters that can live in your village. The Smurfs and the roaming critters (i.e. the snail and the caterpillar) count as characters, the stationary Smurfs and the stationary animals (for example the butterflies) do not count for the character limit.

The maximum of characters available is 250. If you have reached this number, building or upgrading a house will not add a new Smurf to your village and you cannot buy a new roaming critter or animal. Because the snails, caterpillars and the Smurfs cannot be deleted at the moment, there is nothing you can do to get rid of that message.

The creators of the game have stated that increasing the character limit is, at the moment, not an option due to the limited memory resources the mobile devices, especially the older devices, offer. They are, however, thinking of a way to make it possible to remove roaming critters so that new Smurfs can be added. There has not been given any timeframe for that, so it is not expected in the next couple of updates and might take a while until that will be possible. This has now been implemented in the form of critter storage.

Please Note:

On the space area, i.e. the Swoof Planet, the character limit works a bit different. As Swoofs are needed to expand the area further, half of the limit (that is 125 characters) are reserved for the Swoofs. That means there are 125 characters left for the Smurfs and the creatures that hatch from mystery eggs combined.

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  1. Smurf Stez says:

    I had 124 smurfs and critters on the space area, then I built a new house and the number went to 125. So I had expanded the last house and no others smurfs were added without any messages. I've bought the space critter dome and I've put inside some critters but no smurfs were unlocked and the house is already expanded, Why??

    • Smurfette says:

      If you lost out on smurfs because you upgraded a house while you were at character limit you cannot get those smurfs back. You have to build another house or buy the smurf with Smurfberries.

  2. Paul says:

    Hello. I tried to look for my original comment but sadly cannot find it. My original problem was that I could not use the magic bird to clear more space on planet swoof because my swoof cap limit had been reached. Initially it was thought that the problem was I had to house some of my critters in storage in order to free up the critter limit. I did this but it did not fix the problem. I found that all I needed to do was to upgrade every swoof hut I had on the planet. This increased the number of swoofs and also fixed the problem of my not being able to expand the space. Hopefully this will help someone in the same situation. I wish you all the best and would like to thank you for maintaining this fab independent smurfs village guide. Best wishes. Paul.

  3. I am at level 77 (sad I know). The XP counter says MAX. I have also maxed out the smurfs and swoofs and animals. My village has been taken over by frogs and I get over 10 million XP during the Tracker Event. Am I really at the end of the game?

    • Smurfette says:

      For the moment yes, but all the XP that you now collects counts and when Beeline adds the next level (usually they add one new level per update) you will get the XP you collected while being at max

      • That is good, but the bottom 4 rows of items in the village have disappeared visually, although if I try to move them I can still see them. On the planet my collect all function has disappeared. Is it worth carrying on if there is no expansion as I cannot add huts, smurfs or anything. All I do is remove to storage and replace with frogs.? I can donate my 69 remaining smurfberries to charity! Does anyone know how many people are on level 77?

  4. SMURF LOVER ^_^ says:

    Is there a limit to the amount of objects/ plants you can have?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I'd guess it's 255 like the other limits, but I'll open a ticket and see if I can get a definitive answer.

  5. Lorraine says:

    How about the limits of the items special smurfs produce? Will the limits be increased if have an update?

    • Smurfette says:

      I doubt it, the limit was added because if there are too many items it caused the game to be unstable and as long as Beeline keeps on supporting older devices as well and not only the most recent top models I doubt that the limit will be increased.

  6. SMURF LOVER ^_^ says:

    does anyone know the path limit? becasue i havent finished decorating,i have A LOT of paths so im getting worried D:

  7. Lanie says:

    Does anyone else have this problem, keep trying to buy paths but I purchase them and it's not showing up as a path, game doesn't show anything pertains to the ground even the garden sand floor…waaah someone help….

    • Smurfette says:

      It means you have reached the path limit in that area. You need to delete some other paths to be able to place new ones.

  8. Bigfoot smurf says:

    ok I am at level 56 and yet at planet swoof i cant get my last spaced cleared by the magic bird I have over 11000 things of space dust and the last constillation wont open for me please help smurfette!! thanks for your help last time very nice of you!

    • Smurfette says:

      Have you finished the last constellation in the observatory? Have you enough swoof huts? Please give further information on what kind of error you are getting when you try to clear the space

      • Bigfoot smurf says:

        have not been able to finish last constellation in observatory and dont know why and the last place i have to clear says when i touch it word for word mind is this expansion is currently unavailbe, keep checking in the future updates??WHAT??? yes I'm belly aching lol but this isnt right Im level 56 spent close too 1000 on this game:) your welcome beeline have everything updated but he meaning the bird never shows up am I not at the right level and without buying anystar dust I still have 11513 and counting on star dust I stand corrected tonight I bought the bundle pack for 14.99 with some dust I think just to finish the 2 newest updates on the mountain I have everything else Im at swoof hut cap reached in forever it seems but can buy swoofs I currently have 81 swoofs and 91 smurfs just tell me what to do and I will except cry lol ok i will cry this game has saved me in so many ways since i was huge into gameing but now with 3 kids those dont extist only smurfs village please smurfette help is that enough info??? thanks again 4 all u do very cool!!!

  9. wendela says:

    At the Swoof planet I got a sign I'm at character limit with my smurfs (I have somewhere around 50 animals and 71 smurfs, so no surprise there) but I still seem to be able to add more Swoofs? How does that work, doesn't the character limit count for all? Or ám I at character limit with my swoofs too but is the sign just missing?

    • Smurfette says:

      On the planet you have to character limits the animals + smurfs = 125 and you can also have an additional 125 swoofs, so that is why you are still able to get more.

      • wendela says:

        ah, that makes sense, Thanx! But what happens if I get another egg from a crate? Will I be unable to hatch the egg and should I delete it? Or will there just be no more eggs, is there a build-in precaution for that?

        • Smurfette says:

          You simply won't be able to get more eggs

          • Smurf Jatt says:

            By using the storage available on the latest update in the swoof plant, will I be able to store the animals I received from the hatching of the eggs. This would give me the ability to increase the smurfs on the swoof plant as I am at character limit currently. Thanks

          • Smurfette says:

            No, the storage added in the last update is only for stationary items, you need a critter storage. There has been one for the space area for a couple of updates now, you can read about it here…

  10. Shaun says:

    Hey i keep getting tracker smurf to come back alittle too often I havent updated to ios7.1 yet but he has been back more in the last 24 hrs then I like Im thinking glich?? and am very scared to play cause I dont have my village backup but I recently added game center this past week someone please let me know anything besides get your village backup I will is anyone seeing this??

    • Smurfette says:

      The only thing we know is that there are still lots of issue with Tracker Smurf, which include him appearing and disappearing multiple times. This should not corrupt your game though. Some players have said that they had him stabilized by playing without Internet connection during his event. you might want to try that. Other than that (and making a backup as you said) the only thing to do is to open a ticket with Beeline and hope they can fix it soon. You can open a ticket with them here:

  11. Agnes says:

    Hi I have problem with my sworf planet. I have 182 animals smurfs and sworfs all together and I have character limit!!! Why?

    • Poet says:

      In case you are not aware, the character limit set on the Swoof Planet works in such you can only have 125 of each, meaning 125 smurfs and 125 swoofs(and this is inclusive of your critters running around. That is to say, if you have 80 critters running around, you can't have 125 smurfs or swoofs. It will be balanced out..

  12. Frano says:

    Hi! Can someone explain these numbers regarding population
    Village 167/155
    Island 120/117
    Mountain Top 64/64
    Planet Swoof smurfs 93/104
    swoofs 75/72
    Does that means that I lost some smurfs or not? I'have reached limit cap for swoof planet. Will I lose smurfs if I build more houses for planet swoofs

    Sorry if this questions sound stupid.

    Thank you

    • Smurfette says:

      Do you get the numbers by clicking on a house? If so, the first number gives your total number of smurfs (or swoofs) and the second number shows the smurfs/swoofs that have a house (i.e. that came from building or upgrading a house). The difference are the Smurfs/Swoofs you bought with Smurfberries. Each are has its own limit, if you have reached it on the swoof planet you won't loose smurfs but you will not get new ones. So even if you build a new hut, it won't give you a new smurf.
      If the numbers are from the menu under the status bar, the first say how many smurfs/swoofs you have available (i.e. how many are not working) and the second number gives you the total of smurfs/swoofs. There the first number should always be lower than the second, otherwise something is wrong.

      • Frano says:

        Thank you for the answer.

        Yes, this is the number I get by clicking on a house. If I understood you correctly the first number gives your total number of smurfs (or swoofs) and the second number shows the smurfs/swoofs that have a house. That means if I divide i.e. 155 (population in the mail village) by 3 (coz all my houses are upgraded 2 times) i get 51,66 and this is not round number. Must be some misleading in calculation, but I can live with that.
        There's still one issue which is troubling me. If I build a house when character cap is reached I want get any more smurfs. Does that mean I lost it forever or is it somewhere in some kind of "pool" waiting for character cap to be removed? If not, than I paid for something I didn't get. Beeline should put some kind of warring for those players who reached character cap not to build additional houses because no additional smurfs will be added and therefore building a house is meaningless. That's just sad…

        • Smurfette says:

          When you start the game you I think you also start out with two free smurfs maybe they also count towards the number of smurfs living in a house.
          There is a warning, in the build menu, if you are at character limit, but yes, it could be made clearer. I do not think that the character limit will be increased anytime soon as Beeline wants to be able to support older devices. I also don't think the smurfs that you didn't get are stored anywhere. The people who had many critters in the mainland village did not get those smurfs back when the critter storage was added and it allowed them to get more smurfs instead of critters. They could get new smurfs, but not the "lost" ones back.

          • Rob says:

            Running on android 2.3 … level 67 – 16%
            Swoof plannet:
            Smurf house 91/94 !!! I did not get smurfs for my last house and not for my last two house upgrades…If I try to buy a smurf … "AT CHARACTER LIMIT"…I never spend any berries on smurfs…
            Swoof house 51/48
            Is there a way to know how many creatures one has?
            Triing to by a mystery egg … "AT CHARACTER LIMIT".
            Smurf village
            Smurf house 126/22
            Smurf house 53/3
            Smurf house 102/2

          • Smurfette says:

            The character limit on the planet is for smurfs + creatures (i.e. animals from mystery eggs) 125. The only way to know how many you have is to count them, but when it says at character limit you have reached the max of 125. You can still get swoofs (they have their own limit of 125) but you will no longer get smurfs or creatures on the planet.

  13. Emmie says:

    I'm at level 55 and I have now had this message for my main village and I had no idea that there was a character limit! Would it solve this problem if I bought a critter storage hut for 30 smurf berries? If not this is really crap as I just advanced a level and bought one new smurf hut and upgraded it but I didn't get any smurfs! This needs to get fixed and when it does I expect to get all the smurfs I have missed out on added to my village, right?!

    • Poet says:

      The critter storage hut will only work if you have an excessive amount of moving critters like snails and caterpillars. Once you placed them in the critter storage, you can have more smurfs, but do note the character limit is still capped at 250.

      • Emmie says:

        Well I've only got 110 smurfs so yes I have a lot of them! I bought the storage and placed 20 caterpillars in there and the max character limit is now gone. I got the message that if I place more in there I won't get any xp. But I advanced a level yesterday when I had the message so I haven't had the extra 2 smurfs, are they "lost" then? How can I check my character limit? Do you mean I can now have 20 more smurfs?

        • Smurfette says:

          You can have about 240-250 characters which includes Smurfs and snails/caterpillars. If you bought the critter storage you can store the critters and then get Smurfs instead. You will not get back the smurfs you lost when you leveled up and build a house but where at character limit but you should be able to get new smurfs when you store critters. You can't really check your character limit, you'll have to count your smurfs (only the "regular" worker smurfs) and the walking critters. The stationary ones do not count. But when you have reached the character limit you will see a message about that in the build menu where you can buy critters/smurfs.

  14. Confused Smurf says:

    Please help, is the Character limit 250 on the whole smurf game or is that for the village and you get a different character limit on the island, space & mountain. Thanks in advance for your help xx

    • Poet says:

      The character limit is not the whole game, but tied to main village, island, mountain and space. That is to say, the current total character limit would be 250 x 4 = 1000.

  15. lebsmurf says:

    i am at level 60. all the goals done. constalation book done. totampole done. built everything. bought all houses and huts….next?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you've completed all the constellations, totem pole, etc., you can continue to maintain your village. Some of the updates add levels, but not every update does.

    • Kim Zwerver says:

      This is really stupid. I’m only at level 47 and I cannot get more smurfs in my village because I have to much snails and caterpillars. I only have 135 smurfs in the village. *Profanity removed by admin*!!!
      I’ve been upgrading my houses with smurfberries for nothing the last levels (I thought it was a one time mistake of the game befor I realized what was going on).
      I’m really pissed about this!!!
      I hope this will be fixed soon…

      • Stroumpfette says:

        First, please be advised that profanity is not permitted on this site. You are given one warning only, and if you continue to use profanity, your posting privileges will be revoked.

        Second, the character limit is not something that is likely for Beeline to fix, since it is a memory allocation issue in the program. There is a finite number of variables/characters, and once the player reaches it, that's it. You can open a ticket with Beeline and ask when they might allow players to delete characters, Smurfs/caterpillars, etc. as that is not currently a function allowed in the game. You can reach Beeline at

  16. @HaiLeeh992 says:

    Hi, well I'm having trouble on the mountains. At level 27 I bought all the snails I can on the mountains, and I'm currently at level 31, but I don't get any New smurfs when I place a smurf hut? Is it because I am at character limit that I cannot have anymore smurfs? I'm missing about three smurfs.

    • Smurfette says:

      It looks like it, look at the snails, if you can not buy more it should say "At Character Limit", then you know for sure. In that case you might want to look into getting the critter storage for the mountain, though you will not get the missing smurfs back, just new once for the next levels.

  17. Fami says:

    I'm at level 45 and I want to upgrade Timber Smurfs Hut, but it says the upgrade is locked until the Smurfs find materials to upgrade Timber's Mill at level 26.

    How can I get this material, my village had some problems at earlier levels when papa surf was not serving messages. It was fixed during an upgrade.

  18. Laralynzy says:

    Oh and another problem… There are so many now it's hard to remember them all. Tracker Smurf has tracked NOTHING in months. It does not work. Again, why?

    • Sassete says:

      Beeline is working to make trackers event to work again but there are no ETA when it is going to be fixed

  19. wendela says:

    I red somewhere at this site someone who had a ' max on snails'. Like the ' max'-sign on shrubs in the animal sanctuary. Is it possible to have a maximum of snails/caterpillars before the character limit is reached, or did I just misunderstood that person and did he/she just mean his/her character limit?

  20. Lance says:

    Need a fix, just leveled up to level 46, but can not add any more houses to the village or the island, why not?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you are at the character limit, you won't be able to add more. Have you checked to see what your character count is in each location?

  21. Lance says:

    I just leveled up to level 46 however I can not add any new houses to my village or my island, why not?

  22. Adam says:

    Please add a way to remove catipilers and snails! This update would greatly please your fans!

  23. Papa Herman says:

    Since level 25 i get "requires level26 " for building a mushroom house, when i reach this level i cannot buy/build a new mushroom house and get "requires lvl 27"
    This has been going on for a while now and i'm at lvl 27 now and get "requires lvl 28" island is the same, mounting gave me 1 house when i leveled up
    Further more i do not get my reward for the 7 mini games, it is stuck at six while i do have 7 games,
    Its getting irritating now

  24. Disco Dave says:

    Can’t believe we’re in 2013 and this problem has still not been fixed, sort it out!

    • Manuffen says:

      I am also waiting for this problem to be solved.

      I need to get rid of caterpillars to get smurfs instead. Annoying and slowing my game progress down.

    • joe says:

      If you read the article, it clearly states that the problem is still around not because Beeline can't figure out how to make a change, but because older devices with less memory are still being used by consumers.

      We all want more and more characters but then complain when the game crashes. It crashes because our devices can't handle the added computing power needed.

  25. Kits says:

    Does anyone know whether the character limit of 250 is for main land village or its for all the three areas that is island and mountain? If not what is the limit for island and mountain?

  26. The Smurf says:

    Please beeline!

    Make a new ability where you can delete snails or catapillars!!!!

  27. Rene says:

    The problem of charater limit is how long now? And still no solution.
    Come on beeline, fix this…
    By removing snails/caterpillars
    By raising the limit of characters

    • Shanaden says:

      Agreed, I would like to delete some snails so I can get the smurfs I should have!!!!

      • Akdemak says:

        Sale problem here, I have tons of caterpillars, and I don't think it is fair to ask us to get rid if them. Fix the game!

        • Stroumpfette says:

          Feel free to give that feedback to Beeline directly. This is a fan site, and we're not affiliated with Beeline. Here is their address: I'm sorry you're frustrated.

  28. Ricky says:

    Hahaha I t is so fun

  29. Chia says:

    I have bought a lot of snails! Totally have no idea there's a at character limit! Please let me remove the snails in order to add smurf! PLEASE HELP!
    How come there's no such warning at character limit?
    It's the same at animal sanctuary. Cannot remove the animal habitat! PLEASE HELP ASAP!

    • Shanaden says:

      Agreed, I had no idea either until the limit was reached. Would have been nice to know before I bought heaps of snails and caterpillars!!!

  30. Les Helton says:

    I have tried to access "" to ask them about my character limit but the 'form' they are asking me to complete is not on the screen. Here is my situation:
    My game says I have reached the 250 character limit but my count is 246 without counting walking Smurfs What items are included in the character limit of 250? On the main village, I have 214 Smurfs, 16 caterpillars, & 3 snails. The Smurfs walking around are: Papa, Brainy, Smurfette, Scaredy, Jokey, Reporter, Baby, Clumsy, Doctor, Grouchy, Tracker, Alchemist. Marco may also be counted though I don't have Smurf Village friends so does he count???. Of course, Dreamy is on the ship. Any other thoughts? Also, what happends when I have hit max % at level 51? Thanks, Les

  31. Ewa says:

    Please fix a removal of snails and caterpillars so I can get producing smurfs instead!

  32. Shydees says:

    I had 236 smurfs on my island but this morning I only have 228, has anyone else noticed missing smurfs?
    I paid extra SB to get these little guys and for them to disappear is not cool.

    • Poet says:

      If you got this after the Doctor Smurf update, then it is a bug, which should be fixed in an update coming soon.

    • joe says:

      this is an interesting number. I have 146 caterpillars/snails and 82 smurfs which together is 228. just after the sanctuary update 2 or 3 weeks ago i leveled up but i did not receive any more smurfs. When i leveled up again 2 days ago I also didn't receive any more smurfs. It wasn't until today that i noticed i am not even able to buy more smurfs for 5 smurf berries because it says i am at the character limit. Vey interesting.

  33. Tam says:

    Does the smurfs on the island count toward character limit?

  34. Deus says:

    Do racoons, red bird, crabs and other limited animals included in the count?

  35. Haytham says:

    Actually,the character limit appears to me when i was 236 smurf, not 250 as you said…
    So can you expand it to 250 as you said,for village and for island..
    Also,I have onlyyyyy one snail and one caterpillar,and appeared (at character limit ) for both,howwww ?
    When is the nxt update ?

    • wendela says:

      I think you forgot to count your special smurfs that walk around: papa smurf, smurfette, jokey, reporter etc. count for the character limit too. This does not include greedy, handy, lucky, miner, tailor, etc. since those are stationary. So count your smurfs including the special ones, and probably then you count 250

    • Laralynzy says:

      I am capped out at 146 smurfs and although I am at character limit also in caterpillars and snails they have mostly all disappeared. Only a few left. Where did they go? They have been missing for quite some time and of course I am unable to collect the rewards on the missing animals I bought. Very annoying.

      Sick of all the prolems in this game!!! It is now also very slow, constantly crashes when collecting coins in the playground, always tells me that my crops have withered on the island when they have not, and the dig sites up the mountain arbitrarily disappear.

      And now when I add a hut and upgrade it I don't get any new smurfs in the main village. I have a total of 146 smurfs and am not able to get more. Why is this if the limit is 250?

      Very frustrating!

      • Sassete says:

        You can have 250 characters in your village and snails and caterpillars are also counted to the characters limit, so if you have a lots of snails and caterpillars you can not get so many smurfs it is maybe why you can buy a new house but dont get a new smurf. Do you know when then snails and caterpillars started to disappear for you was is recently ?

  36. Milkman says:

    VOTE – allow to remove caterpillars !!!!!!

  37. Crazy_smurf says:

    I have 32 smurfs but only 31 farm patches .. I added a smurf when some smurfs were on a quest n dint get the patch for that one .. Why ???! M on level 17

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