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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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I can not find Clumsy Smurf


As stated in the Clumsy Smurf section, Clumsy can only be found if the village is at least on level 20. If the village has reached level 20 and Papa Smurfs quest have been done regularly, he will ask to send two Smurfs away for 24 hours. Once they return to the village, the two Smurfs will bring Clumsy Smurf back to the village with them. If there is still an outstanding quest from Papa Smurf after reaching level 20, this task has to be completed first before he will give the task that brings Clumsy Smurf to the village. To get Clumsy Smurf right after the village has reached level 20, Papa’s task from the previous levels (i.e. the two to five new ones that come with a little story after a new level has been reached) have to be completed first, so if they have been neglected for a while it might take some time to complete all the outstanding tasks before Clumsy can enter the village.

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  1. vincent says:

    Im level 27 but i have dont clumsy smurfs

  2. Guest says:

    I'm level 20 and completed the task for papa smurf
    Now I'm level 21 and I still don't have clumsy

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you've kept up with Papa's quests, you will have to open a ticket with Beeline at

  3. Marissa says:

    I'm on level 0 I don't have it yet but my mom does she is on level 36 and she still doesn't have the space ship can someone give me a answer

  4. Perrialyce says:

    Although the answer at the top of the page explains how to acquire clumsy it does not identify him. Clumsy Smurf if the smurf that will not (example based on holiday version) have the mistletoe in his hat and his smurf hat will be pulled down almost covering his eyes. Once you find him if you rap him he will fall over.

  5. Kag says:

    Clumsy isn't there!!! Sucks because of the XP event stuff. Guess this is punishment 4 the Christmas smurf berry bug.

  6. marijke says:

    Level 31 buy squirrell s log. I have done that several times. But the gestion still is. It doen not work with me. What have i to do?4Z

  7. palak says:

    my clumsy is missing
    and while taping on ship there is no option coming 2 visit my island
    also my baloon is locked

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If he went missing recently, you might be able to restore from backup. From the blue Play menu, tap Options. Tap Papa's head 16 times. When it appears, tap Recover Village. You should now see your backup files list before you. Starting with the first file, preview to see if your village works the way you think it should. You can preview until you find the one that looks the way it is supposed to. Overwrite your village with that file. You will lose progress you have accumulated only from between the time of the backup to the present time.

  8. Hampton7c says:

    Here is a tip, you have to have Tailor Smurf to do this. I like to click the hammer sign in the lower left, then the Tailor Smurf icon in the top middle. This makes everything in the village invisible execept your smurfs. I normally have my smurfs always farming crops and my crops are all in one location. But using this way I can normally spot Clumsy quickly now!

  9. nannysmurf1 says:

    have clumsy but he doesn't give QUESTS! FYI, still on lvl 20

  10. jasmijnw11419 says:

    hello G Bird,
    i have the same problem as you.
    a hum my English is not good.
    i live in the netherlands.

  11. jasmijnw11419 says:

    hello, i'm on level 21 and i most to complete objectives and it is; make clumsy fall down 2 times".
    but i don't no what is means.can you help me?

  12. Katzz99 says:

    I am on level 21, have completed all of Papa Smurf's quests and have even been to the Island and I still don't have Clumsy. What am I doing wrong?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      The quests go in the order of your level. The island quests start at level 19 so you have to complete them first before you can find Clumsy.

  13. Ishysmurf says:

    Where can i add friends? Game center? I tried in facebook but didnt worked. Add me up on game center please..

  14. Ashley says:

    I’m on level 23 and I have somehow lost Dreamy, Scaredy, Clumsy, and Grouchy…. Its been about a week since I lost Grouchy, Scaredy, and Dreamy and I had Clumsy yesterday, but now he’s gone too… How do I get them back?? I cant even go to my Island…

  15. Harry says:

    Im on level 19 and when ever i click on reporter smurf he always says ” check if you have an internet conection or check if the date is right” im connected to internet and my date is correct how do i fix this

  16. djkisssmurf says:

    Level 23 now, still no Clumsy. All task are done.

    I also haven't the island yet……

    Could it be that my run with XP ha sinfluence? Since I have a lot of neighbours giving me potted flowers every day so I actually highspeeded through the levels.

  17. j logan says:

    I am on level 34, completed all papa smurfs to date, and only today when tacker asked me to knock clumsy down did I realse that I don't ave clumsy, and have never had clumsy. so very frustrating! any ideas on how to get him ? if only the beeline folk would allow us to us some of these smurfs who for some reason or other don't make it into our games. someone sad they lost scaredy.

    • jack says:

      Since i updated my game with the new update (1.1.1a) on android (Galaxy Tab P-1000), i had lost my Clumsy Smurf, Scaredy Smurf, Dreamy Smurf and Alchemist Smurf. Therefore i also cannot reach to my island because my dreamy smurf are gone. How can this be happen? Are this a bug or what?

      • Sassete says:

        yes its a bug that happens sometimes for android players you can try to restore your village to an date before the update and se if that can bring the smurfs back again but its possible that you need to update again then

  18. sarah says:

    ' make clumsy fall down two times ' , what should i do ?

  19. sara says:

    how can i recognize him :( ?

  20. Chikarah says:

    I’ve been getting notices about the little yellow owlet, but its nowhere to be seen on the mainland or the island. The special items usually appear under the yellow star tab, but the owl is not there. Has anyone else had this problem?

  21. Valeria says:

    Hi, I’m at level 25 and Iost Clumsy!

    I remember that he was in my village and one day (I don’t remember exactly when) he disappeared!

    I also remember that I completed all Papa Smurf’s tasks.

    Please, give me back Clumsy! He was my favourite! :(

  22. Smurfette says:

    Beeline usually adds one or two new levels with new updates (though there have been updates without new levels).

    The next level should be added with the coming January update. All the XP and Coins that you earn now is still counted and will jump ahead as soon as the new level is added.

    Having reached the last level, I would advice that you now concentrate on decorating your village etc.

  23. Dokteruil says:

    I don't have clumsey smurf and i am at level 23. I also don't have 2 smurfs with à yellow '!'. I have only papa smurf. Until 2 Dany's ago, i had scaredy smurf, but hè also disappeared..
    Who can help me?

  24. Mp4152005 says:

    Don't have clumsy smurf and I'm on level 40. Have completed all the required tasks and have all the more recent smurfs (alchemist, Marco, etc.). Contacted beeline support and still no help. Hope there's a solution soon.

  25. Brendan says:

    I had clumsy smurf from my village but he dissappeared and Hasn't returned and beeline has been no help at all. I need help

  26. Christy says:

    I'm playing Smurf on Android. I reached level 21 some time ago, and believe that I have finished a LOT of Papa Smurf's quest, but I still cannot find Clumsy. Should I even expect Clumsy in my Android version?

  27. Guest says:

    How do you get more smurfs after you reach level 39?

  28. G Bird says:

    Thanks for your help, I found him.

  29. G Bird says:

    I just finished riddle number three and received Alchmist. I will check with support.

  30. G Bird says:

    I am on level 24 and I don't have clumsy yet either all tasks have been complete. Help?

    • Smurfette says:

      That should not be possible, are you sure you completed Papa's tasks? What is his current one?. If he really is not there, best to contact Beeline ( He also looks similar to the other Smurfs, make sure that you have not just missed him walking around in your village.

  31. Jan Jolley says:

    I do have Papa Smurf and believe I have always done every task he sets!

    • Smurfette says:

      I can only advice to contact Beeline Support, you should already have Clumsy Smurf if you completed all of Papa's tasks. Or wait till you reach the next level, if you do have Clumsy already, he will give you a task of his own.

  32. Jan Jolley says:

    I have completed all the tasks , am on level 24 and still can’t find Clumsy Smurf. If he is in my village, he has not given me a task yet and there is no yellow exclamation mark over a Smurfs head, except for the one advertisingthemovie.

    • Smurfette says:

      You need to find Papa Smurf. He has always a yellow “!” above his head. Try searching for him while in the Move Mode for paths, then the houses etc. disappear.

      Every village must have two Smurfs who always hava a “!” (Brainy and Papa), if you do not have Papa, your village seems to be corrupt, you need him to get Clumsy.

      Contact Beeline Support ( if your village really has no Papa Smurf.

      • Kwasi163 says:

        Papa Smurf just asked me to send 2 smurfs out to find clumsy and I'm only on lvl 12 and just built miner smurf. However I have been vigorously completing pap smurfs quest one after the other non stop

        • Smurfette says:

          That is weird, maybe Beeline changed the minimum level on which it is possible to get Clumsy. But you are not confusing him with Scaredy Smurf, are you? Because he comes at level 12

          • Kwasi says:

            I'm sorry that was scary smurf. I getmy smurfs confused sometimes. I'm back at the site trying to find Marco now at lvl 16.

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